Detroit's Big 3 Cry Babies

Ron Gettelfinger, President of the UAW in an article posted on Yahoo News is blaming the auto makers dilemma on everyone and everything except on themselves. Their out of control costs, poor quality and exorbitant payroll and benefits are directly to blame. Their cost of doing business is twice as much as Nissan’s, Toyota’s and Honda.

In fact Toyota San Antonio, the plant which produces the Tundra shut down operations for three months while the company re-tooled its factory to meet the need of having to put out a more efficient model. During those three months their employees were still on the payroll being re-trained in addition to performing community service.

Not once did I hear Toyota go to the government with their hands out for a bailout. They are the success they are due to responsible business and cost control practices.

There are other avenues that the Big3 can take to save themselves but the Democrats and Obama have a vested interest in getting some of our money to them and it is called VOTES.

Where will this all end? Everyone is now trying to their hands on a piece of the taxpayer’s pie and the majority party and the newly elected President will be very happy to oblige as long as the favor is returned with those magical votes.