The Danger of Ignorance

With power comes responsibility and when we elect leaders to power they are trusted with that responsibility of power. However power in the hands of the ignorant is dangerous!

During the elections which were recently held, we elected leaders that were chosen in the hopes that they will be guiding us through some very troubling times. Yet as I reflect on those that will be serving, there is a question mark as to how wise some of those decisions were.

In California for instance, voters were against Proposition 8, which turned down same sex marriage. Yet Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is telling the disappointed gay rights activists not to worry, as he will see that it gets to the courts and will fight that it be overturned. This is a clear example of power in the hands of the ignorant. It is ignorant and dangerous when an elected official will go against the will of the people in order to satisfy the will of the minority.

In Ohio we have Helen Jones-Kelly, the director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services investigating a private citizen who asked a question that embarrassed a presidential candidate. As payback this citizen’s life was turned upside down and inside out. This is the danger of power in the hands of an ignorant public servant.

We have Congressman John Murtha, who believes that his state is full of “rednecks” and “racists”. A man who condemns the very military he served in as murderers. This is a man who yields considerable power yet so ignorant, so dangerous.

Then there is the Senate Majority Leader who is so heavily invested in defeat that he claimed the war was lost. How ignorant is that? How demoralizing is it to our troops to hear such a powerful man tell them they are fighting a losing battle?

This list could go on and on and you can add your own examples of power in the hands of the ignorant but you get the message.

We need to be more selective as to those we are willing to give power to, especially when their ignorance can be a danger to us all.