Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.)

Why is it that the government, our Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.) loves rewarding failures and punishing success?

Close to 1 trillion dollars was needed to help our ailing economy or else we would just collapse into ruins. We needed to help our housing industry because Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae needed more money to pay their top excutives and donate to political godfathers. We needed to help that hugh insurance giant, AIG from collapse because they needed more money to have their lavish and secretive parties. We need to shore up the banking industry because of their crazy sub prime lending practices and outlandish salaries to non-deserving executives. Then states like California and New York have their hands out for their piece of the bailout pie because of their out of control spending. Now, it is the US Automakers who are wanting money to help them out of their financial mess.

What do each of these have in common? They are all failures, thanks to their poor management, out of control spending, outrageous salaries, and outlandish greed. Yet our Adsolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.) is willing to use our money that we entrust to them to bail these idiots out. Then they have the nerve to tell us that “WE” will be the owners of these failing entities. I have news for our Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.), I for one do not want anything to do with these LOSERS. But our Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.) think they know better and are ready to do whatever they can to prop up these failures.

However on the other hand our Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.) were ready to punish companies like Walmart, Microsoft, AT&T and Exxon for being successful. These companies were called “greedy” because they were profitable, (imagine that!). Now our Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G) would like to punish those people who have the nerve of making over $250k per year by taking some of their hard earned money away and rewarding those who are have done nothing at all to deserve it.

Do we have an Absolutely Ignorant Government (A.I.G.) or is it just me?