Was It The Money or The Voters?

Now that we have broken the racial barrier with the election of Barack Obama, parents and teachers are joyfully telling their children that anyone can become the President of the United States. Is that really true? I think at one time it may have been but in this election I have my doubts.

Consider the following:Mr. Obama broke every record in U.S. History on fundraising and spending to become the nation’s 44Th president.He brought in over $650 million using the traditional means in addition to the Internet.In 2004, John Kerry raised half of that.In 2002, Al Gore and George Bush combined raised half of that.One half of the money came from people giving $200 or less and it will be almost impossible to trace the sources. With all this money he was able to buy the very best advertisements, he was packaged very neatly by a top notch marketing team. He purchased a 30 minute infomercial. He purchased ads in video games. This does not account for the priceless coverage by the Main Stream Media.

So, my question is this. Can little Juanita or little Juanito still grow up to become President of the United States? Absolutely, that is if you have enough cash in your pocket and a willing media to go along with it.

The moral is this, your resume and experience will not matter, just show me the money!