The People Have Spoken

Today, the American people have exercised a right that that is so precious and that others would love to have. They have let their voices be heard and we will have chosen leaders that we hope will lead this country in the right direction. Many will not agree with the outcome but we must live with the choice of the majority until the next cycle is upon us.

“Americans have a week mind.” These were the words of my Political Science professor at the beginning of one of his classes. He explained that what he meant by this was that as a rule we only remember things for a week then we have a tendency of becoming complacent.

He hit the nail on the head with those words and if you think about it, we do become very complacent. In this election, I am afraid the same will be true. However we must not allow this to happen this time around. We must become more involved in the political process and hold every elected official from the local level to the highest level accountable for their actions.

Let’s stay involved as well as passionate as we have shown in this election cycle and when the people we have chosen to represent us are not doing their job then let’s get them out of office. We can no longer afford to allow politicians to take advantage of us. We need to stop having a “week” mind.

God bless us and God Bless America, let us pray daily for our leaders.