Voter's Remorse

Everyone at one time or another has experienced “buyer’s remorse”. I know I have on more than one occasion.

Today I was volunteering at the Texas Republican Headquarters calling voters that were registered as Republicans. We were asking if they had already voted, if they needed assistance in getting to the polls or if there were any questions we could answer for them.

Twice I came across people who said they had voted during Texas’ early voting period and had abandoned the party to crossover and vote for Obama. They also confessed that they were now experiencing “voter’s remorse” in light of new revelations that have come out on Obama. One even claimed that she was so ashamed of her vote and actually felt ill for casting her vote for Mr. Obama.

It made me wonder just how many people are in the same situation but will never admit it. I also wonder how many people will vote for Mr. Obama and should he win, will they live to regret it.

People will one day realize that our votes are a precious gift and should be used with caution and not thrown away. Never trust the main stream media to dictate to you how to vote. Instead investigate for yourself the merits of those running for office. Then and only then vote for the candidate best suited for the job. Rmemeber our future depends on our educated vote.

The moral is this: Never vote for a person just because you feel you will be a part of history. Vote for the person based on their qualifications, not their rhetoric