What Is Happening To Our Country?

Recently I posted “Abortion a Matter of Life and Death” and I had someone who responded to me via email the following:

“People who are pro-choice (including me) don’t consider embryos to be “innocent lives.” Before viability I consider it to be a tissue in the mother’s body, hence one she can choose to remove if she wishes.Obviously you disagree, but from that perspective abortion is not murder any more than having a mole removed would be.”

Now, can you imagine anyone comparing the killing of a living being to the removal of a mole?

This is so ignorant and I wrote her back telling her so, in addition to sending her the video I had posted on an earlier post.

Then someone wrote me the following:

“While we are pro life we do not think that this video is appropriate due to the fact that it is a shock video and is not recommended for viewing.”

My goodness, I think America has its value system all screwed up!

It is OK for first graders to witness a “lesbian wedding”It is OK to teach Johnny about having two daddies and Heather having two mommys .It is OK to teach our first graders about the use of condoms.It is not OK for a coach wants to say a prayer before a game.It is OK to keep prayer out of our schools.It is OK to want to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance or off our currency because it may offend someone.But it is not OK to show a video that shows the taking of an innocent life because it is shocking. Hell yes it is shocking ! What else would you call the murder of sweet innocent babies who cannot defend themselves?

It is OK to compare the removal of a mole to an abortion and that is not shocking? Give me a break! That is just total ignorance! It is “political correctness” at its worst.

Dear God ,what is becoming of our country? Dear country, what is becoming of our values?

To date I have had 37 emails supporting the video and in support of life and only one email saying that she had no idea when life began but admitted she was an agnostic. What would you expect from someone who has no clue if there is a God or not?

Pray for our country, we need an awaking!

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