10 Questions

There are a few questions I have and I wish someone could answer them for me

1.Why would Catholics and Evangelicals vote for a man who is for abortion when their church leaders and their doctrines teach against such a practice?

2.Why would Jewish people vote for a man who would meet with rogue dictators without preconditions? Especially meeting with a man who vows to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

3.Why would anyone vote for a man whose friends and associates hate America? Who are not one bit sorry for the crimes they have committed against our country and recently stepped on our flag and said he wished he could have done more to cripple America.

4.Why would anyone vote for a man who sat for twenty years in the pews of a man he calls his “spiritual mentor” only to hear this man put forth his hate of America?

5.Why would anyone vote for a man who wants to redistribute the wealth of those who work hard for their money and give it to those who have done nothing to earn it, except for having their hands out.

6.Why would anyone vote for a man who abandons his friends when the going gets tough? How much easier it would be for him to abandon America and our principles when things gets tough?

7.Why would anyone vote for a man whose own wife has said that we would have to give up some of the nicer things in life for the good of others, then turn around and enjoy a $450.00 lunch? Some sacrifice!

8.Why would anyone vote for a man who refuses to answer questions as to his judgement when it comes to the questionable characters he has chosen to associate with.

9.Why would anyone vote for a man whose positions on any one issue will vary from one day to the next? Depending on which way the wind blows.

10.Why would anyone vote for a man whose campaign has given over $800,000 to a corrupt organization like ACORN and then deny that he has?

To say that voting for this man is great for the country because it represents change or because it would be historical is rather lame. I prefer someone I could trust and this man is not the one.

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