Abortion a Matter of Life or Death

Today, my wife and I volunteered to stand with others in front of an abortion clinic and not only show our support for Life but to also pray for those entering the clinic. This was our first experience as we have been very moved by the videos that I have shared with you recently.

We hadn’t been there five minutes and a lady in her forties approached my wife with tears in her eyes and said that she had an abortion when she was fifteen years old and to this very day she has never ceased in thinking about what she did and how she regretted that decision.

It is so sad that she has had this experience and it makes you wonder how many others have gone through the same thing. It also made me think of something else, while we were standing right in front of the clinic I realized that just about fifty feet away, behind those doors, lives were being taken. You cannot imagine the chill and the goosebumps I felt throughout my body.

Then I thought of the man who wants to be president whose mother chose to keep and because of her unselfish act he is where he is today, running for the most powerful office in the land. How then, could this man have such a stone cold heart that he would support and condone the murder of innocent lives?

This does not make a bit of sense to me. May God have mercy on his soul as well as all who support this holocaust!

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