Welcome Back Homeboy

On October 17, 2002 on San Diego’s 760 KTMB Harry Belefonte slammed then Secretary of State, Colin Powell as a sellout to the black race. He compared Powell to a planatation slave moving into his master’s house.

Peter Jennings of ABC News suggested that maybe Colin Powell was a GOP Uncle Tom and asked him, “Do you ever feel that maybe this is the professional wing of the party trying to use you?”

TransAfrica founder, Randall Robinson said of Powell that he is, “the most powerful and damaging black to rise to influence in the world in my lifetime.”

In The Black Commentator, Powell was called the “The Gangster of Haiti.”

It just boggles my mind that if you are black and conservative then the Liberal Press and their political allies think that you are an Uncle Tom or as they called Condaleeza Rice, Aunt Jemimah.

Julian Bond, President of the NAACP went so far to say about Ms. Rice that she was “the purest expression of a race traitor. No polite description is possible.”

Look how they have trashed Justice Clarence Thomas.

But now that General Powell has endorsed Senator Obama, he has suddenly become the darling of the Democrats. He is no longer an Uncle Tom, he is no longer the “house nigger”, he is nowpart of the messiah’s flock and all his sins are forgiven him. What double standards!

Welcome back Homeboy, you were lost but now you are found!

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