Enough With The Birth Certificate

At first glance by the title of this post many may assume that I have accepted 100% the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and that I no longer consider this an issue. Nothing could be further from the truth. I still have my doubts about the shown certificate which many, some of whom are experts, began taking apart the same day it was revealed.

While I am not one who leans more toward Obama being born in Kenya although there is evidence that it may be a possibility, there are several questions that I still have about the legitimacy of his natural born citizenship ranging from the distinct possibility of duel US and British citizenship to him being naturalized because of his fathers well known British citizenship.

Obama’s birth/citizenship status is similar to the controversy of another President, Chester A. Arthur the 21st Chief Executive whose natural born status was in question at the time of his rise in politics and even during his Presidency, yet nothing came of it until decades after he left office when much of the evidence of him being a naturalized and not natural born citizen came to light.

Unfortunately that is where we stand now with Barack Obama. The questions still swirl, the “conspiracies,” abound and he has presented a long form birth certificate that has raised more questions than it answered from those who are known as, “birthers.” Yet no matter which situation concerning Obama’s birth is true, unless he is a natural born citizen without duel citizenship he has not met the strict Constitutional eligibility for being President.

So why have I gone through this explanation about all of the distinct possibilities that Obama is not and maybe never has been eligible to be President and yet titled this post, “Enough With The Obama Birth Certificate?” Because the issue no matter how legal or illegal it may be is a dead horse especially now that Obama has done the one thing that has been demanded by everyone from Donald Trump to the Americans known as birthers. He has presented, “a,” birth certificate and taken the ball out of the court of the controversy surrounding it.

This does not mean that abandoning this issue means anyone is caving in to an unconstitutional usurper to the Presidency or to a liberal press that protects Obama at every turn. What it does mean is that there is a reality about the controversy that will prevent any pursuit against Obama’s eligibility that will protect him until he leaves office regardless of any existing or new evidence that may or may not come to light.

The straight forward reality is even if Obama is ineligible to be President the fact that he has held the office for two and one half years will stop any legal action to remove him from office based on being ineligible. The exact same scenario that protected Chester Arthur during his Presidency will protect Obama for the remainder of his and that is the devastating ramifications it will have on our country and our government if he is truly found ineligible AFTER taking the Oath of Office.

Had Obama been properly vetted during the campaign, which he was not, and the citizenship issue scrutinized exhaustively then, which is was not, proving his eligibility or lack thereof would have been something that could have prevented his election to the Presidency. But his legal maneuvers and the protection of an adoring press stopped any serious pursuit even when the first questions were raised legitimately by the Clinton campaign. Yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton were the FIRST birthers.

Every story, even that of the Clinton’s was treated as a laughable conspiracy and as such it did not become an issue during the campaign when it could have prevented someone possibly ineligible from taking office. Now that he is unfortunately President the fact that he IS President protects him from the citizenship issue removing him from office because no one wants to face the dire ramifications of possibly removing someone who never should have taken office in the first place.

First and foremost EVERYTHING he has done since taking the Oath would be null and void if his ineligibility to be President were to be proven without any doubt. That in itself would have worldwide ramifications nullifying treaties, his actions as Commander in Chief, all diplomatic initiatives and movements taken on behalf of his administration, nullifying EVERY appointment he has made from Secretary of State to the least Cabinet position or staff member including his two Supreme Court appointments.

This just scratches the surface of what would be null and void were he found ineligible this late in the game. A general collapse of The United States government would take place since all that he has done and everyone he has hired would be ineligible legally to hold much less fulfill their position as well as all legislation and Executive Orders he has signed since taking office.

As a result every move to push his eligibility will be treated as right wing lunacy even though the initial idea came from the left through the Clinton’s. Any court with jurisdiction over Presidential eligibility will continue to find ways to refuse hearing any case presented because of the ramifications proving ineligibility now would have.

As with Chester Arthur the real truth about Obama’s citizenship will not be known until some time in the future, if at all, when it will become an interesting foot note in our history. So continuing to make it an issue in which we fight for his removal only adds to the lefts willingness to protect Obama and their false charges of right wing lunatics just using race as a means to attack Obama.

Obama is such a failure as President and his polices have angered the majority of Americans in such a away that we will soundly defeat him on the issues regardless of his true eligibility as President. He has taken our country to the pit of an abyss that not only was never intended by our Founders but has even many of his former supporters scratching their heads and wondering, “what have we elected to the Presidency.”

This issue is and has been a moot point since his taking office and now that he has presented an even very questionable birth certificate it moves from being moot to a useless pursuit at a time when we have so much evidence of his failure to defeat him and defeat him in a landslide in 2012. I know many of you would love to see him removed from office now before he has opportunity to destroy our Republic even more than he has. I too would love to see him gone now, but it is counter productive to waste our efforts on an issue no matter how true it may or may not be, has no possibility of ever advancing beyond the realm of conspiracy. It is time to move past the birth certificate and fight the battle we can win to defeat Obama in 2012.

Ken Taylor