150 Years Since Civil War And Democrats Still Party Of Slavery

April 2011 is the Sesquicentennial remembrance of the start of The Civil War, a conflict that reshaped our Nation though the trial of blood and sacrifice which affected every family both North and South during those terrible years of brother against brother. While all of the causes, which were many, of the war will be argued over again slavery was the ultimate tap root of which divided our Nation.

It seems ironic that 150 years after a war that defined our country for future generations, posed the greatest Constitutional test of our history and found men fighting for the rights of others that the very political party that espoused slavery then still supports it and fights for it today.

Today’s slavery is not directed toward one race as it was 150 years ago but it is just as debilitating to those who fall under this political slavery as it was for those who lived in slavery during the early years of our country. A new political party, the Republican Party, was born just prior to The Civil War for the sole purpose of combating slavery and fought against the party of slavery then just as they do now.

The Democrat platform of the 1860’s was a pro-slavery policy that sought to keep those bound in the disgusting practice of human bondage to another. They fought to keep it in exsisting states and actually fought to force its spread to states that were either anti slavery or sought statehood in the Union and did not the practice of slavery.

This post is not to argue the causes or the results of our Nations most terrible conflict but to show that the Democrat Party is as adamant in its policy of enslaving Americans though government as it was in keeping black Americans enslaved before, during and after The Civil War.

The recent battle over the budget that threatened to shut government down was just one more example of the absolute hold that Democrats have on the overbearing power of government and why they refuse to seriously seek limiting government and reducing spending. Plain and simple limiting government and reducing spending takes power away from Democrats and frees Americans from the slavery of a government that through the guise of liberal, “compassion,” seeks to enslave every citizen.

The social programs that Democrats hold dear and force on Americans are nothing more than government slavery which takes away an individuals ability to provide for themselves since they have government to do it for them. Every piece of legislation introduced by Democrats has at its heart another way of forcing Americans to depend on government or creates a regulation to force Americans to abide by government whether they want to or not. That is nothing more or less than slavery to a liberally run Washington.

Democrats seek to tell us how to eat, how to work, what vehicles we must drive, how to raise our children, how they must be educated and if we do not adhere to their orders they either regulate to force us to or introduce a new program flooded with tax payer money which results in government taking over forcing Americans to depend on that same government. Obamacare is the prime example of this move to government run health care slavery.

Reducing the size of government and spending also reduces Democrat power over Americans who they have enslaved to government. Americans then see what liberty truly is and find that self reliance is possible without government slavery. So Democrats fight at every turn to prevent Americans from seeing the truth of slavery to government.

They try to hide it by using their liberally owned media task masters as a tool to beat Americans with a barrage of sound bites and false commentary that cutting spending and limiting government starves children, kicks grandma out on the street, forces workers into poverty because the Unions can’t protect them from the evil capitalists who seek to steal their livelihood. They lie using these same liberal platitudes and unfortunately many Americans who because of this Democrat slavery to government believe the lies and elect these slave holders to office.

Through this Democrat government slavery a large portion of our population think government is the only answer and they are owed checks or assistance provided by the labor of others. Or as Barack Obama put it during his 2008 campaign to Joe the Plumber, “redistributing wealth.” Democrats lie and call it making things, “fair,” for all but in actuality they enslave those who fall under their liberal spell and steal from those who don’t and use government regulation to force those who don’t into slavery by manipulating the law.

Abraham Lincoln Emancipated the slaves in the Southern states and the Thirteenth Amendment made slavery of any man, woman or child illegal in The United States. Yet Democrats violate this cherished Amendment which also outlaws, “involuntary servitude,” by their constant use of government to force dependency of Americans on government under the threat of law or through programs forced on us which require participation by American Citizens.

Democrats fought to keep an entire race in slavery during The Civil War. Now today 150 years later the same Democrat Party fights to enslave EVERY American to government and in the process destroy the traditions, values and principles that have made out country great. They seek to spend us into oblivion to accomplish this slavery and blame Republicans, the Tea Party and anyone else they can find for their truly unamerican obsession with enslaving the masses through government.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth