Obama Doesn't Lead And Cannot Define Libya

Before anyone who reads this comes to the conclusion that I am criticizing the decision to go after Qaddafi and quell the attacks on innocent civilians he has undertaken to try and hold onto power, then draw another conclusion. Qaddafi is a thug who should be taken out and taken out quickly for the betterment of the Libyan people and the world. Since the late seventies Qaddafi has been a thorn in the side of the world and his latest actions are adding to a multitude of crimes against The United States and humanity as a whole that deserve the end of a rope and a quick drop.

The problem with what is happening in the effort to quell this terrorist thug is not THAT it is being done but it has come too late to actually fulfill a real possibility that Qaddafi will absolutely be taken out. Although Rebels are gaining a little ground in the last couple of days, Qaddafi has defied the wishy washy calls especially from Obama for him to step down and knowing that there is not a specific goal of taking him out of power, Qaddafi even if he loses some of the country to rebels will hang on with enough military and yes civilian support to remain in power laughing at an ill defined and leaderless coalition and thus emboldening other such thugs to see that especially a US under Barack Obama no longer has the stomach to stand for what is right.

In the now infamous, “Black Hawk Down,” incident in Somalia where US soldiers were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu before the cameras of the world with US troops under foreign command and not allowed to go in, in force nor mount a strong rescue mission because the political misgiving of that foreign command, then shortly after the incident US troops were pulled out of Somalia because of an ill defined mission, a little known terrorist and his equally unknown organization became emboldened to later mount the worst terrorist attack in our history. Usama bin Ladin attributes our actions in Somalia to his realization that the US did not have the stomach to fight and he began planning 9/11.

Because of an extremely weak and indecisive Commander in Chief we may very well be approaching a similar situation in Libya. Beginning this week US troops will be under the command of a NATO committee which must come to a consensus to decide how to move, plan or attack in any situation that may rise concerning the effort in Libya. there is only one power in the world who has the ability to lead any such operation and the technology to make it happen and that is The United States.

But Barack Obama has chosen to relinquish that leadership, a leadership that was precarious at best because of his personal lack of leadership and as such our forces will be under foreign command. A situation that has NEVER been good for our forces because we have always been used as cattle for the slaughter so to speak by foreign commanders who do not have the military ability to command the best troops in the world and fail to understand our command and control network and the abilities of our tremendous military.

Additionally Obama has been absent throughout this operation. He and his administration have had so many sides to what US policy is from taking out Qaddafi to not taking him out. From maybe working for a no fly zone to doing so after the greatest damage had already been done providing Qaddafi plenty of advanced time to send his air forces to other country’s preventing any coalition destruction of his future ability to do this again once the operation is over.

Obama has also been absent in EVERY aspect as a leader sending Hillary to do all of the work to the point that every announcement made both to the American people and the world has come from the Secretary of State and NOT the President. This is unprecedented in the history of the United States. Even when a Secretary of State has done a considerable amount of the leg work, the President has worked the phones and been the face of the country before the press and the American people as any military operation is undertaken.

The only logical finish to this action in Libya is to end the regime and yes even the life of Qaddafi, yet Obama has specifically stated through his Press Secretary that removing Qaddafi and especially targeting him would NOT be a goal or an action undertaken. So the question is, “what exactly are we doing in Libya then?” This is the problem. Because of the total lack of leadership by Obama and an operation which has no definitive mission or goal the coalition lay in confusion which places our forces in greater harms way and without a clearly defined direction. Now that ill defined mission falls to a NATO committee that will further cloud the objective.

Adding to this is an absolute lie that has been perpetrated by Obama when it come to ground troops from The United States. He has emphatically stated that NO US ground troops will be used in Libya. Yet Special Forces are already there and I have learned from a very reliable source whose son is a member of the 82nd Airborne that the Infantry Division has been put on alert for immediate deployment to Libya in the coming week. As an Infantry Division the 82nd is ONLY a boots on the ground force and thus exasperates the lie being made by the CIC.

I was aggravated when President Bush soon after we went into Iraq, not because of the mission but because he under estimated the force necessary to complete the mission successfully. When the surge took place our forces under our command and at the strength necessary to win the war quickly brought victory and a free Iraq from the threat of terrorist activities allowing the Democracy that has arisen to work and the Nation to become self sufficient.

General Douglas MacArthur once said, ” In war there is no substitute for victory.” and, “It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.” I fear that because of the non-existent leadership by Barack Obama, the lack of any definitive mission for Libya and an obvious lack of will by both Obama and NATO to do what is necessary to end Qaddafi as well as news that rebel forces has an association with Al Qaeda, absolute victory will not be achieved and we very well may be facing another Bosnia, Somalia or worse to the detriment of Americans best and bravest.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth