What's The Use, Obama Does What He Wants And Congress Is Broken

I remember when Barack Obama was elected. I was not only extremely disappointed but felt a despair that I had not known before after the results of an election. Sure in my voting experience my candidate had lost elections before but there had never been a time when I anticipated the dire consequences that the election of Obama would bring and he has lived up to an exceeded the dire expectations that many of us had on the election night which seem like an eternity ago.

I was watching the returns and posting as I watched, covering the election and remember commenting to a friend of mine who was doing the same that at least we know during the next two years we would have a considerable amount of subject matter to post as Obama and his Democrat cohorts had total political control of the government and the fight was on to gain control of the Congress in 2010.

Sure enough the first two years of the Obama Presidency brought massive spending, created tremendous debt, a failed foreign policy and a weakening of America never before seen in our history as he forced a socialistic state down our throats and apologized for American greatness. And just as was discussed on election night 2008 there was plenty of subject matter to write about as Americans began waking to the truth, the Tea Party evolved and 2010 shaped up to be a banner year in defeating Obama’s agenda.

Fast forward now to November 2010 and the shellacking the electorate gave Obama and Democrats in an historic election which changed the House, almost balanced the Senate and spanked Obama severely as the people resoundingly stated, “we are fed up with what you are doing.” Republicans announced over the transition period that they had listened to the people and the new blood going to Washington in January 2011 would stop Obama and reverse the direction and spending that had exploded under his regime of, “hope and change.”

Well we are now well within that time of, “new blood,” and almost nothing has changed as a result of the election. Obama still does whatever he wants. His complete failure a President is emphasised especially in the last few weeks as The United States for the first time in my lifetime is no longer the leader in a effort to stop a tyrant and Obama is not only satisfied with that but allowed the situation to escalate in order to force America into a secondary roll.

One of the worst natural disasters in history has hit a trusted and close ally and the supposed leader of the free world plays golf, parties with Washington elite, spends a considerable amount of time playing and bracketing basketball and travels to Rio with his family for a sight seeing tour. In the mean time the, “new blood,” Congress has not even scratched the surface in cutting spending and rather than moving quickly in getting fiscal control and reversing the destructive direction we were taking as a Nation the, “new blood,” is moving slower than a turtle who has taken to his shell fearing his surroundings.

As a long time activist and a blogger since 2004 I have struggled of late for subject matter not because there isn’t much to write about but the problems we are fighting are not only repetitive in nature but the improvement we voted for is almost non-existent and one wonders what good we are doing in the process. I mean how many different ways can we say Obama is a failure and Congress is broken and keep the momentum going and the anger of Americans stirred in order to complete the task of taking our country back and restoring Constitutional sanity to our government?

Then I am reminded of our Founding Fathers. They faced a challenge in birthing our Nation that during most of the fight they faced was insurmountable. Unlike our fight today where polling has shown that the majority of the country is as fed up with Obama, Congress and the direction our country is taking as we are, our Founders faced a situation where only about one third of the country actually backed what they were doing. Another third was against them while the remaining third could care less either way.

I am reminded about the terrible winter of Valley Forge when brave members of the Continental Army face near starvation and death because they believed in the cause of freedom and the man who led them for the cause George Washington. I think of the tremendous task facing Benjamin Franklin and John Adams who fought to gain financial alliances with France and Denmark to fund our new government and the struggle they faced even before this to seek French help to defeat the British during out foundling Revolution.

I think of the 56 men who risked everything to declare that the thirteen colonies of Britain would be no more but rather thirteen independent states of America forming a new Nation where all men are created equal and no longer would bow to a monarch, pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for the cause of freedom and the birth of a Republic where each could prosper in accordance to their own abilities without the strong hand of government or tyrants holding them back.

We were born because of political activism and our Constitution expects each of us as citizens of this great Nation and Republic to BE political activists. Holding every aspect of government from agencies to elected officials accountable to we the people and ALWAYS fighting regardless of the odds or the lack of conviction for Constitutional sanity in Washington to keep our Nation free and our government limited. Even if it means booting every elected servant out of office in every election cycle until we find those who will stand and fight with the people for the American we expect and our Founders decreed for all generations from the very beginnings of this Republic.

Even if that means repeating ourselves constantly screaming through our voice in whatever means available. Whether posting on the Internet, writing, phoning and e-mailing our Representatives or marching on Washington making our voice heard and NEVER giving up fighting for what we know is right regardless of the odds or the deaf ears that seem to prevail in our government. Our Founders refused to quit and they birthed a new Nation. We in following the heritage of activism they passed on to us must NEVER quit to restore what they created.

We may never know that the hundredth time we tell of the failures of Obama that someone who has ignored this truth or never listened to it before might read what we write or listen to what we say and realize the dangers we face and join our fight. We may never know the minds and hearts we reach with the truth of our broken Congress and the need to stand for the liberties they seem to want to ignore. And as those voices continue to grow the deaf ears in Washington begin to listen and if not the masses who have joined our fight may very well vote in the people who will truly fight with us and restore our Nation. We owe this to those who have fought before us and to those generations who follow so they too may know a free land known as The United States of America.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth