The Left Believes In The Left, The Heck With The People And The Constitution

We are witnessing a political ideology exposed in its most sickening and truest form and the ramifications for our country also expose the need for this ideology to cease to become a political force in our Nation. The left and specifically those who are elected leaders and officials in the Democrat party have shown, without doubt, in the last weeks they care nothing about the people nor the Constitution of The United States.

Last November the people of our Nation spoke in a loud and clear voice both on the federal level and the state level that the agenda of Barack Obama as well as the ideology of the left was rejected by the voters and we the people in accordance to our Constitutional privilege overwhelming cast our votes changing the House of Representatives and nineteen State Legislatures.

Before that vote was cast the majority of Americans expressed though protest and polling that the spending, deficit and debt creating agenda of the left was no longer going to be tolerated and finally though our vote the people placed elected officials in office that campaigned on the promise that spending would be cut and the bankruptcy facing our Nation both federally and in most states would be addressed and legislation passed to begin the process of restoring fiscal sanity.

The left who in almost all cases are represented by Democrats, while agreeing for the purpose of gaining votes before the election, have exposed their true self as the implementing of the promise of getting our financial house in order is now becoming a reality and new representation is acting on the will of the people by putting forth legislation which will reverse the path of bankruptcy and begin placing us back on a sound financial footing.

In Wisconsin and Indiana voters chose new Republican legislatures who have placed in action financial legislation to get control of debt ridden state coffers and restore sound financial management to these states. The people of both states overwhelmingly support the legislation and expect their lawmakers to act upon it which is why voters chose the make up of current state leadership. Democrats in both states have scoffed at the will of the people and rather than doing their elected duty of voting on the legislation have chosen to abandon their state, their constituents and fled to Illinois, protected by a Democrat Governor from being returned to their states and plan to remain to prevent the will of the people from being implemented.

Like a little child who doesn’t get their selfish way Democrat lawmakers in both states have run away claiming they are doing their job. Their job is to listen to and legislate in accordance to the will of the people and represent that will as a member of the Wisconsin and Indiana state legislatures. But left ideology has and is showing that the will of the people ONLY matters if that will agrees with the left other wise it is a inconvenience and as such should be ignored.

The precedence set with the fleeing of Democrat lawmakers in Wisconsin and Indiana has now given the cowards on the left a new and dangerous tool in which to prevent any governing body the ability to act upon the voice of the people that does not agree with leftist and specifically the political ideology of Democrats. Rather than following the Constitutional process of voting against legislation and losing that vote, Democrats have chosen to run and hide to kill the legislation. The people and the legal legislative process be hanged.

On the federal level while Democrat lawmakers have not yet taken up the practice of being political fugitives they in like manner have held up any attempt to curb spending and decrease both the debt and deficits with the usual scare tactics of claiming any cuts will take away children’s lunches, kill seniors, abandon the homeless, end all education, throw grandma out on the street etc. Republican moves following the will of the people have been called draconian and compared to Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930’s.

Adding to this blatant slap upon the people are the dictatorial moves by Barack Obama to abuse his Executive power ripping the Constitution to shreds by deciding which laws he will enforce and which he will not. We are a nation of laws and our Constitution forbids any Branch of our Government from choosing whether to enforce the law or not without that law first being created or eliminated by the legislative Branch of that same Government. Obama has chosen to ignore this basic Constitutional principle and by Executive Order not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

He has shown disregard for the Constitution since taking office but through this one move has placed himself above the law and the Constitution and made himself the authority who decides which laws are to be enforced and which are not. Only a dictator makes this type of unconstitutional decision and Obama has hailed himself these dictatorial powers. This one move alone fits the Constitution definition of an impeachable offense and the removal from office for over stepping his authority in violation of the Constitution.

For the left the Constitution is only viable if it agrees with their ideology. In most cases our founding document does not agree with them which in their arrogant minds allows them to ignore it and act in complete violation of Constitutional law claiming that it is a living breathing document which no longer applies to today’s society since it was written more than 200 years ago. So they just ignore it and the people and act as they please.

When the people stand up for Constitutional principles the left accuses us of being racist, Nazis and anti American. When in actuality it is THEY who are anti American since it is THEY who choose to ignore not only our founding principles and document but the basic principle of our Republic that government receives its authority from the people and it is the will of the people that governs the actions and direction of both the state and federal government.

This is why the left must cease to be a force in our political system. I am not by any means advocating taking away their right to disagree or the ability to speak freely about their beliefs. They have that right just as much as anyone in our country. Rather I am suggesting that by our collective privilege of using our vote we the people cast our vote against the leftist ideology that most of our fellow citizens side against. We by our vote eliminate those who choose to ignore us and the Constitution, whether Democrat or Republican because there are leftists in both parties just more Democrats, removing this anti freedom scourge as a force.

If we do not the precedence set by Democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana will become constant in any legislature where even a single leftist vote is needed in order for legislation to be passed. The left no longer believes in freedom. They no longer believe in a true representative form of government. The left ONLY believes in the left and all who disagree must bow to their elitist demagogues who claim to be our representatives and fall lock step behind their anti American ideology to destruction and slavery to government.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth