I Am Sick To Death Of Barack Obama

I am so fed up with the person who is now sitting in the Oval Office and the embarrassment, disgrace and utter destruction he is bringing to the country that I love that when contemplating what I would post on several subjects that are hot issues in the news, every issue, every subject made its way back to the inept and yes, unamerican way that Obama is handling the Presidency. So, I am going to rant and rant royally. I only hope that when this rant is over we as lovers of our great Nation see that an additional four more years of Obama will mean the demise of America.

Never before in my life have I found myself so utterly angry at a politician and especially a President as I find myself being toward Obama. Even when Bill Clinton who I had no political agreement with and Jimmy Carter who up until the current White House resident was the most inept President our Nation has had, I could find at least something to respect because of the office they held and although disagreeing with them felt that their methods and policy though wrong for our Nation were for the most part coming from men who loved America and wanted the best for her.

I cannot now nor have before nor ever will be able apply the same to Barack Obama. Putting it frankly Obama hates America while pretending to love her. No one who loves their country as he claims he does would seek its destruction at every turn, embarrass her on the world stage in every foreign speech and response to every foreign policy problem and when actually taking a stand on an issue ALWAYS side against the Constitution, the majority of the American people and every tradition and value we have held dear since our founding.

We have watched over the last two years this total anti American individual spend our country to the verge of bankruptcy and then spit in our face after we gave him a massive referendum by our vote refuting his agenda by pretending to hear us and acting like he understood and would reach out to our Capitalist society in order to allow the economy to restore itself and our debt to decrease, then when actually presenting his, “ideas,” and ,”proposals,” only offering more of the same and worse to continue us down his path of national destruction.

Never before has a President so ignored and sought to destroy the Constitution as Obama has. Even in the darkest days of Watergate Richard Nixon still had a respect for and adherence to our Constitutional principles although by his paranoia allowed his fear to overcome his ability to act rationally and soundly in handling the problem. Obama’s actions toward the disregard of our Constitution are not from fear or paranoia but a deliberate move to eliminate its principles and values from our society completely.

He ignores who we are as a people and what we are as a Nation in his every response to the pressing and dangerous actions taking place especially in the Middle East. In Egypt he threw a decades old ally, who though not a pearl of leadership was a friend who held much more evil forces at bay. Obama sides with the much more evil forces in the Muslim Brotherhood while whining that he was supporting the people’s move to democracy when no one not even Egyptians know whether they will be free or under an Islamic Theocracy.

Yet in the same region, regimes that are well known for their radical Islamic leadership, Iran and Lybia, country’s that have and still do promote, fund and do terrorist activities where citizens are truly protesting for freedom and democracy, Obama ignores the hundreds that are being killed standing for freedom and calls for the people to calm and sides with the Islamic regimes in seeking to quell the voice of freedom in these oppressed lands.

Here in our own country when millions protested around the country and hundreds of thousands came to Washington several times to stand for freedom, our Constitution and protest the agenda Obama was forcing down our throats, this inept occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ignored the protests except to express that anyone who disagreed with his policy was anti American and sides with those who called our own people Nazis and racists because we disagreed with this idiot!

Now in the state of Wisconsin and spreading to many other states, elected officials who are acting on a mandate by their voters to end Union abuse of tax payer dollars and get the financial house of their state in order, this same imbecile calls action seeking freedom from economic turmoil, anti American and sides with communists and leftist being bussed in from all over the country to force the hand of elected individuals,(who have the backing of their people,) to keep the people of Wisconsin and the states that are following under an economic servitude and hostage to Unions.

He apologizes constantly for American greatness and seeks to eliminate that greatness and place our country in a weakened state on an even playing field with the rest of the world. While Europe who has lived under socialist rule and now finally understands it failure and are seeking to move away from it, Obama is dead set on following the same path that has destroyed Europe and ignores the truth while acting as if he wishes to be the President of the world caring nothing at all for the people and the country he was elected to serve.

My friends we cannot survive a second Presidential term with Barack Obama. We will be lucky if we can recover from the damage and destruction he has left in his wake during the first two years and that which is sure to come over the next two. Republicans are jockeying for position to run against him but only a few are willing to state the truth about the dangers of this man and his agenda against America. When they speak they are labeled racists and anti American but in actuality they are American patriots who could care less about the color of Obama’s skin but understand how dangerous he is for our country.

We cannot afford to beat around the bush in defeating this Marxist ideologue and ending his anti American actions and war against freedom in our country. The time to play petty politics and be kind and considerate is over and our anger with Obama and his destruction of our country must be expressed so that the truth overtakes the false accusations and the dangers are shown for the true and utter destruction from this individual that they are. We and those who we support to take his place must have the courage, come what may, to make the American people hear that Obama is the destroyer or we will be faced with another four years given by a blinded and deaf electorate who are numbed into submission by Obama’s lies.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth