Obama's Weakness And Spending A Clear And Present Danger To Us And The World, Egypt Proves It

The weakness of Barack Obama is making our country the laughing stock of the world. The latest failure of this weak individual who is in the most powerful office on the face of the Earth was his inept handling of the crisis in Egypt. Just like his days in the Illinois State Legislature and his short and very unremarkable tenure as a United States Senator, Barack Obama when faced with decisions and moments when an American President should be strong in the face of an ally whose country was in chaos, Obama voted, “present,” throughout the problem and continues to do so.

His weak response to the entire situation in Egypt changed almost daily as he first seemed to stand momentarily with Mubarak staying, then leaving, then waiting it out until elections could take place, then leaving immediately, then listening to the Egyptian people, then …..well you get the picture. The only real consistency he has had throughout this crisis is that he has NOT taken a stand in support of Israel who has almost at much at stake on the outcome of this as Egypt and he has constantly avoided the truth about the radical Islamic face of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This weakness on the world stage and his not taking any principled stand combined with flip flop decisions or no concrete response at all has been his norm on any world crisis and as such has presented a vulnerable and uncertain United States that has our allies angered and concerned as to whether The United States will vote, “present,” or just ignore any conflict or trouble in any region of the world. His weakness also emboldens our enemies to ignore any diplomatic overtures or simply act without concern as to whether the most powerful Nation in the world will involve itself in protecting or defending not only our country but our friends as well.

Since taking office Obama has been indecisive at every turn at best and non responsive at worst on all situations concerning foreign policy and world crisis situations that have developed. When he has had a response it has been weak, constantly changing or completely wrong as was the case during the legitimate pro democracy protests that took place in Iran in 2009. As a result we are seeing constant unrest in the Middle East that Obama calls pro democracy but in reality no one knows whether they are actual moves toward democracy or a complete radical Islamic take over of the entire region.

In other foreign situations we are seeing more saber rattling from North Korea than at any time during the tenure of all his predecessors since the Korean War combined. China treats us as if we are their servant and expects our Nation to bow to them as its leader did when greeting the Chinese president both here and when he visited the communist Nation. Even in our own hemisphere we have seen the Chinese do something that the Soviets feared doing during more than forty years of Cold War, test fire a ballistic missile from a submarine off our coast as a show of military strength.

Iran continues to advance toward if not already having nuclear weaponry and supporting terrorist activities that are killing our soldiers in the field. Afghanistan has dissolved into a problem that is now taking more American lives that Iraq with a strengthening Taliban whose presence was all but eliminated but now because of the failure of the Commander in Chief in fulfilling requests for troops by commanders in the field and tying the hands of our best and bravest with ridiculous rules of engagement, the Taliban is growing and our troops are dying in response.

The only situation where Obama has not answered, “present,” is on the domestic front. He has advanced his failed agenda with spending that has taken our country to the brink of bankrupt oblivion and still seeks new spending so that government can continue to fail in solving problems it has no business being involved in and cannot even remotely hope to solve since government creates problems rather than solves them. On this he has had no problem in taking decisive and concrete action which has set a destructive path for our Nation and a questionable future for our children for the first time in our history.

Not since the days of Jimmy Carter has our Nation been less respected, more indecisive, consistently facing a clear and present danger from all corners and collapsing from within as it is now. In fact we are in a much worse situation now than during the days of the peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia. During his Presidency our greatest enemy, the Soviet Union, was predictable where today’s enemies are not. Our financial situation though precarious under Carter did not threaten to completely take our Nation to total financial collapse and ruin.

Some men grow into the Presidency as time takes its toll and the great responsibility and power of the office forces even a poor leader to at least make the occasional right decision and take the occasional correct action during a crisis or an issue whether foreign or domestic. Obama is the first President that has failed to grow into the office at least in some aspect. He is still confused and weak without a clue as to how to handle any aspect of the Presidency. He cannot make any decisions without flip flopping several times before finally leaving the situation more confused than before it started.

His total failure and weakness has become in many aspects the most clear and present danger to our security and our future as a Nation. He shows a weakness to the world that threatens all. He creates policy at home that for the first time in our national existence will create a generation whose existence in America will not be better than that of their parents. If we survive the final two years of an Obama Presidency it could very well take years to correct his failures if those failures can be corrected at all.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth