Egypt's Crisis Emphasises Hypocrisy Of Obama And The Left

Egypt has been in chaos for nearly two weeks as protesters have taken to the streets to seek the end of the 30 year autocratic rule of Hosni Mubarak. The crisis in Egypt has been called by the administration and many in the media as a move toward democracy by the people of Egypt. Of course the truth under the surface is that there is also a move by Islamic forces to move Egypt from a westernized government supportive of The United States and Israel to an Islamic theocracy similar to Iran. But the administration and the left wing media is ignoring this dangerous fact.

Setting aside the dangerous and serious ramifications of the situation in Egypt, this crisis has emphasised a glaring hypocrisy of Barack Obama and his cronies on the left including the left wing media. Almost immediately following the start of the protest and as they have escalated numerous members of the administration including Obama himself have come out calling for Mubarak to follow the will of the people and step down as President allowing democracy to rule in his country rather than the autocratic form of government that has been in place since Mubarak succeeded Anwar Sadat after his assassination by the Muslim Brotherhood.

I am all for democracy in Egypt but the hypocrisy of the left and Obama in backing the ,”will of the people,” in Egypt while insulting and ignoring the will of the people in our own country is a telling commentary of the lefts unwillingness to listen to we the people. The protests in Egypt consist of a very small percentage of the population. The largest protest which has taken place called for a million Egyptians to march in Cairo and around 250,000 actually participated in a country of 80 million people.

Yet Obama and the left call for Mubarak to listen to the people who are protesting while fluffing off larger protests that have take place in our free and open society because those protests disagree with the current regime in Washington. During the health care debate more than 500,000 descended on Washington to protest the bill and Obama fluffed the protest off as meaningless while both he and Congressional Democrats condemned those who protested against the bill as unamerican and Nazis.

Glenn Beck held a rally in Washington last August that was attended by conservative estimates of upwards of 300,000 people and Obama as well as the left and the media fluffed it off as meaningless and just a gathering of radical right wingers who are racist, anti American, poor bashing idiots who only want tax breaks for the rich.

Poll after poll show that Obamacare is against the will of more than 60% of our population and an equal number disagree with the rest of Obama’s policy and agenda but he continually ignores the will of our people and continues his path that angers the majority of Americans. Yet he calls for Mubarak to step down and listen to the voice of Egyptian protesters who equate to less than one percent of Egypt’s population.

One has to wonder whether Obama is an autocrat himself as he condemns Egypt’s autocratic ruler while acting like one as he ignores the majority of our people. This is hypocrisy at its worst. “Don’t do as I do, do as I say. Mubarak step down because a handful of your people call for it while I ignore the vast majority of my people because only I know what is best for them.” This is Obama’s response to Americans. This is the attitude of the left supported by the liberal media. This is the lie being perpetrated by the leader of the one true and free Republic in the world. Freedom for Egyptians and oppression for Americans is the Obama creed.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth