The State Of The Union That We've All Heard Before

The so called centrist who is nothing of the kind delivered his second State of the Union address to a much less enthusiastic Congress with little change from the last address he delivered in the House Chamber a year ago. Sure his examples and his wording were different but the proposals that came forth were nothing more than a rehash of the same old failed ideas that have plunged our country into an ever expanding debt, a sustained high unemployment rate and record breaking deficits.

Trying to court the Independent voters who have abandoned him, Obama put forth a five year freeze as a carrot to entice the idea that he has moved to the center and understands the anger over our massive debt, spending and deficits. That was one side of his mouth. Out of the other side of his mouth he called for increased spending through the same infrastructure programs such as a high speed rail system which will never come to fruition in this Nation as it did in Japan because the American people will not stand for the taking of private property to make it happen.

Obama claims that his five year freeze of nondiscretionary spending will cut the deficit by $400 billion dollars. Yet his proposals for spending call for increases that match the failed trillion dollar stimulus bill which produced a lengthening of the recession and actually raised unemployment when measured by the figures used in the bill itself. The stimulus graphed that if left untouched unemployment would peak just below 8% and we are currently at 9.4% with the actual figure closer to 17% when taking into account those who have quit looking for work. So Obama’s taunted stimulus increased unemployment rather than quelling it as promised.

Now to combat unemployment higher than when the stimulus was enacted in 2009, Obama proposed more of the same failed policy. When will he learn that he can’t have it both ways, cut the debt and deficit while adding new spending and that government IS NOT the answer to solving our current economic problems.

Another instance where he spoke from both sides of his mouth was in using the example of the space race which developed as a reaction to the launching of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957. This one moment spurred the greatest innovation of scientific discovery as The United States in just twelve short years went from no space program to landing a man on the moon in 1969.

Obama stated that we were at another Sputnik moment when the time for innovation, research and discovery must match that which came in the advancement of our space program in the nineteen sixties. Yet from the other side of his mouth the program which he touted as one of greatest achievements is ending this year at the hand of the very same man who used it as an example of American greatness.

One of the most deceiving moments during the speech came when he congratulated the congress on coming together to pass the extension of the Bush tax rates. He stated after his Congressional pat on the back that Americans have more money in their paychecks because of the bipartisan passage of the extension. This is a flat out twisting of the facts to deceive the American people into believing he has provided tax relief. The extension only kept current tax rates in place to prevent a massive tax INCREASE from taking affect. So the passage of the extension does not place one more penny in the pockets of Americans.

Obama used the same tired phrase that is typical for liberals when they are attempting to deceive the public by not admitting proposals are in actuality massive spending increases. Throughout the speech whenever he stated a spending proposal which will increase debt and deficit he referred to it as an investment. Liberal jargon for spending money we don’t have on programs we don’t need nor want.

The only real bright moment in the speech came not from what he said but from what he didn’t say this year. Last year if you will recall he insulted members of the Supreme Court by criticizing falsely a decision that had taken place only days before concerning campaign contributions falsely stating that the decision opened the, “floodgates,” for foreign entities to control our elections. This prompted Justice Samuel Alito to mouth under his breath, “not true.” Alito, Thomas and Scalia did not attend the address this year as a result. At least this year Obama did not insult the court.

For Americans who were looking for leadership from a President who has shown a lack of it during his Presidency, the speech did not inspire nor change in this scathing lack of ability from the Nations Chief Executive. For those who expected more of the same and nothing new from the liberal ideologue, you were not disappointed because Barack Obama delivered exactly what he has since taking office. A litany of spending and government expansion touting government as the only answer to solve our Nations problems. A direction that has failed before especially in the lase two years and if followed will continue to fail. Thankfully there is a check in the new House majority that will prevent the failure from continuing.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth