Gifford Shooting An Attack Against Americans Not Conservative Politics As Left Claims

The tragic shooting of Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford is a tragedy that effects all Americans and is an attack against all that we as a people believe and stand for as Americans. First and foremost our hearts and prayers go out to those killed and injured in this senseless attack. A young nine year old angel’s life was ended as well as a Judge who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Four others who were doing nothing more than fulfilling their ability as free Americans of assembling were also murdered senselessly. Thirteen others were injured including Rep. Gifford.

Now as this faithful American servant of the people is fighting for her life it is not time for politics but to stand as Americans behind a fellow American who was shot simply because she believed in the sacred duty of service to her country as a Representative of the people. Although the motives of the mad man who committed this murderous act are not fully known one thing has become clear, the killing of Gifford was his goal.

Unfortunately politics by the left wing media immediately began coming into play in this senseless shooting even before information about how crazed and whacked out the gunman was who was placed in custody at the seen due to the heroics of two in the crowd who grabbed him and prevented him from killing or injuring many more innocent people.

New outlets from NPR, to CNN and the New York Times almost immediately began suggesting that the gunman acted because of, “divisive,” political views by the Tea Party, the conservative stance on immigration, and the anger of the right over illegal aliens. CNN and the liberal website The Daily Kos suggested that a comment made during the mid term election by Sarah Palin that Gifford’s eighth Arizona Congressional district was a, “target,” for electoral defeat, may have spurred the violence against the Congresswoman.

Even as word began coming out that the crazed gunman left a goodbye note to friends on Myspace and that many of his previous postings on the site were a mixed bag of almost insane nonsense from anger over illiteracy in Gifford’s District to just babbling gibberish and that the gunman’s favorite books were Mien Kompf written by Adolph Hitler and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, the left wing media still tried to tie his actions to conservative politics.

The Pima County Sheriff describe the gunman as having run ins with the law before and had threatened to kill someone, but in the same statement also suggested politics played in the shooting when he stated that his state had become, “a mecca for prejudice and bigotry,” due to the political atmosphere against illegal immigration. How the Sheriff came to this conclusion is beyond me especially after already stating that he thought the shooter was, “unstable,” and had previous run ins with the law.

In recent years whenever a tragedy such as this has taken place the left and the media are quick to suggest that conservative politics is at the core of the problem even when it is proven other wise. Even as far back as the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 Bill Clinton without any proof whatsoever suggested that Timothy McVeigh acted as a result of the, “anger,” expressed by conservatives, especially Rush Limbaugh.

When the crazed pilot who was mad at the IRS flew his plane into a Federal Building in Texas almost immediately the left and the media claimed he did so because of his right wing beliefs only to find out later that the pilot was a registered Democrat. When Nidal Hasan committed an Islamic terrorist act at Fort Hood, Texas the left and the media immediately concluded that he did so because of his anger over the policy of the Iraq war blaming the killings on Bush policy.

Now a Democrat Congresswoman is senselessly gunned down by a crazed lunatic and the left blames it on conservative policy, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. At a time when politics should be set aside and we as Americans should unite behind one of our own who is fighting for her life all the left and their media cohorts can do is blame politics they disagree with for creating an atmosphere that causes violence and death placing politics in the middle of what should be a nonpartisan out pouring of concern and grief for the shootings.

Anyone who disagrees with the left is automatically assumed by these ideologues to be capable of quickly expressing their, “right wing,” political beliefs with violent actions and as such when violent actions occur even when unfounded for any political reason such as this murder in Arizona, the left quickly equates it to the, “violent right wingers,” who by having the gal to disagree with liberal politics create an atmosphere of hatred, violence and racism which divides America.

Yet every conservative gathering is peaceful, clean and patriotic as opposed to liberal gatherings which are always violent, create mounds of garbage and express loudly rhetoric which condemns America and blames our country for every evil taking place in the world while using the race card at every opportunity. But to the left WE are the evil, violent racists who can’t wait to commit an act of murderous violence to prove our political beliefs.

So when violence happens their automatic assumption is that conservative politics drove the killer to commit their terrible acts regardless of evidence to the contrary. Remember with the left it is not the evidence that counts but the seriousness of the accusation that matters. Then additionally, as is the case with this tragedy, the left immediately jumps on the anti gun bandwagon stating that it is the fault of the evil Second Amendment supporters that allowed the gun which in the hands of a lunatic who would have had a gun even if they were all made illegal was allowed a weapon to express conservative politics violently.

This my friends is the true divisiveness politically in this country. It is not we who stand in disagreement exercising our Constitutional right to come out in dissent of public policy that we know harms our Nation and our way of life. The political diverseness and general divisive feelings in our country whether politically, racially or economically comes from those on the left who see anyone who disagrees with their liberal beliefs as evil incarnate capable of murderous acts to express their beliefs. The left never needs evidence just accusations and division to continue the fear mongering that keeps their failed ideology alive.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth