The Political Miracle Of 2010 Must Continue

2010 has been one of the most amazing years politically certainly in my lifetime and possibly in our history. The election in and of itself was historic and brought about a much needed change not only in those who represent us in Washington but in the direction in which our country has been taking. Yet the election, though bringing about much needed results was not the miracle of 2010.

We have had historic elections before which brought about change that was needed in our representation. The massive defeat of the Democrats and the complete repudiation of the Obama agenda will shine in our history as an election of almost epic proportions. But the election came about as a result of the miracle of 2010.

Our Founders in their brilliant wisdom foresaw this miracle even as they wrote the Constitution in which we base our laws and the foundation of our Republic. They understood that the only way a country could remain free and prosper as a Republic was if the people of that Nation had the ability to not only voice their dissent with the government but to be the only true authority of that government and freely exercise that authority through and election process and in standing against any possibility of a tyrannical move by those elected to that government.

For far too many years the American people forgot this Constitutional authority and allowed those in Washington to dictate to the people rather than forcing our representation who serve at the people’s discretion into adhering to the will of the people. The vast majority of the people were not listening nor paying attention to what was taking place in our own country and our government, and as a result that government as all governments do began stealing the rights from the people and forcing a tyrannical reign over America.

Our Founders intentionally placed the people above the government and those in whom the power of that government are entrusted specifically to prevent the inherent lust of man for power from destroying the freedom of our Republic and forcing the people into an abject slavery of the very government which was supposed to serve the people rather than rule them.

The miracle of 2010 is that the people finally after decades of amnesia woke up to the realization that the Constitutional principles of our government and those placed in that sacred trust of representing the people in that government serving the people. began a wave of activism. An activism which not only forced the result of the 2010 mid term but held those who were trying to ram through legislation which enslaved Americans to government to a scrutiny that has been missing in our country for decades.

Yes legislation like Obamacare and other unconstitutional bills slipped through as the power hungry left forced, against the will of the people, these diabolical monstrosities down our throats. But unlike the past where these Socialist moves were accepted as just another government move that we the people had no control over the anger and protest of the people bought these moves into public debate and as a result revealed the truth about them making their repeal or defunding possible by new representation.

When past unconstitutional legislation moved through Congress the lack of public scrutiny by an unawakened people allowed these socialist moves to become law without even a whimper of protest in the direction away from a free Republic it was taking out Nation. The people just accepted it as something in which we had no control over and its impact against our freedom was eventually forgotten and the unconstitutional legislation became part of our society as if it was necessary to our National existence.

The attitude of most Americans was, “I am just one person so what can I do.” We had forgotten that in our form of Constitutional Republic that one voice can move mountains as it speaks with the millions of others who in like manner stand for the same principles and beliefs that have made our country strong through the years it has been in existence. The miracle of 2010 started in 2009, but its impact began this year as Congress even before the election began reacting to the people and unconstitutional legislation and initiatives began falling to defeat as a result.

I have been a conservative political activist since my teen years in the late sixties and have always believed that it is our Constitutional responsibility as Americans to be active in our government and make our voice heard so that those we hire to represent us do no waver from the strict Constitutional principles that have guided our Nation through our history. Until 2010 I was among a minority who knew our Founders expected the people to be activists.

Now as a result of the miracle of 2010 I am among the majority and Americans from all walks of life are standing for our Constitution and being actively involved in our Nations interests and the direction in which we as a country are moving. This is the America the Founders envisioned and
activist people are who they were and what they wanted for each of us to be as they passed the torch of freedom down from that founding generation.

2010’s miracle of an awakened people brought result through activism which stopped unconstitutional legislation and changed representation to eliminate many of those in Washington who refused to listen to the people. My fear now is that this miracle of 2010 which brought about positive results for our freedom and our nation will die away as the anger which created the miracle fades with better representation.

We as Americans have a far greater responsibility to the Nation and our Constitution than any of those we elect to office. For it is we who must hold them to the fire of liberty by our constant vigilance over every aspect of government and the course in which that government takes. Just because by our activism we received a positive result through one election this does not mean that activism should end or even fade in its intensity.

When the people are awake and active in the political process America remains free. When the people are asleep and those we elect are allowed to govern in accordance to the lusts of the very power we have given them WITHOUT our constant scrutiny, then we surrender our freedoms to tyranny and in many respects deserve what is thrust upon us by Washington because we as a people neglected our Constitutional responsibility and authority.

The miracle of 2010 must continue. We cannot rest nor can we collectively fall asleep again. Our Founders expected nothing less from we who inherited their great heritage of political activism than to BE an active people who exercise our Constitutional authority over government. So we owe it to those who have gone before who fought for and passed our freedoms to our care. We also owe it to future generations who must learn from us that our authority in keeping us free and not enslaved to government is a sacred trust that must remain vigilant and sure to the principles which have made our country great.

Our fight must continue, our activism must remain constant and our authority over those we elect must be a constant reminder as we hold them accountable to us every moment they serve and in every aspect of that service. Unless we continue the miracle of 2010 and never allow its flame of a politically active people to die, we face an America which will no longer be free and a people who will fall to the unbridled power of a tyrannical government.

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth