It's CHRISTMAS and PC Does Not Change The Facts

FACT – December 25 is celebrated as CHRISTMAS DAY and not the Winter Solstice, or some other variation on the anti Christmas theme.

FACT – The celebration of Christmas is a celebration of a birthday of a Child who was born in a stable in the town of Bethlehem and the Child’s name was Jesus who is the Son of God.

FACT – Though many do not celebrate Christmas nor recognize it’s true meaning, this does NOT change the fact that Christmas would not exist as a celebration or a holiday without the birth of the Christ hence the Christ mass which is the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child.

Political correctness is again running amok as we approach December the 25 the celebration of Christmas. Almost everywhere one goes during this season the elimination of even the word Christmas has become more and more evident. Happy Holidays is the norm now at almost all retail establishments when it concerns greeting during this season.

I for one will not leave a register nor a counter in a store without a wish of Merry Christmas and an acknowledgment from the person in whom I have extended that wish. Even if that person wishes me Happy Holidays before I have the opportunity to wish Merry Christmas I counter with the true greeting and tell that person that they need not use the PC greeting with me. For those that actually greet me with Merry Christmas in a retail establishment I thank them for greeting me in that manner and return the Merry Christmas greeting.

The ACLU once again has been attempting to eliminate Christmas from our schools and any public arena. The fact that in every poll more than 60% of those polled recognize this holiday as Christmas and would rather hear Merry Christmas than Happy Holidays does not matter to the politically correct. All of those who attack Christmas claim they are doing so to protect the rights of those who are offended by the word Christmas and the true meaning of the holiday.

Yet not one of the PC groups even acknowledge the FACT that these efforts to eliminate Christmas offends the MAJORITY of Americans and those of us who wish a Merry Christmas and celebrate the holiday for its true meaning are being completely discriminated against since our wishes are considered wrong and the small minority who complain about EVERYTHING are being allowed to have their say concerning this issue.

Christmas exposes the hypocrisy of those like the ACLU who claim to stand for the rights of the American people. The only rights they stand for are those who agree with their politically correct agenda and anyone else must set their rights aside in order to accommodate the political correctness. Well I have news for them…….I as an American and a firm believer in the Constitution of The United States of America will always stand and fight for my rights and as a result I celebrate Christmas and will express that celebration as I see fit.

So to the politically correct, MERRY CHRISTMAS. To those who wish me Happy Holidays, MERRY CHRISTMAS. To the left who wish to eliminate the true Reason for the season, MERRY CHRISTMAS and of course to all of you who understand and believe as I do a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may this CHRISTMAS be a blessed reminder for you and your family as to why we truly celebrate CHRISTmas!

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth