Twas Obama's Night Before Christmas


Twas the night before Christmas and in The White House, Obama was scheming, that liberal louse.

Muslim Crescent moons were all hung round with care, on, “Holiday Trees,” since no one thought Christmas or even to dare.

Michelle was upstairs all tucked in her bed with visions of obese kiddies dancing in her head.

The kids tucked away and her mom in napsack, and the illegal aunt who was seeking amnesty from her nephew that rat.

When out on the lawn there arose suck a clatter, Obama jumped up to see what was the matter.

Away to the window he ran like on court, remembering twelve stitches and an elbow of sort.

He looked to the East thinking Allah had called and found nothing there so this lefty was appalled.

When what to his liberal eyes did appear but thousands of people angered, they jeered,

“we’re sick of your ways and tired of the mess you’ve made of our country the pain, the duress.

We told you not once but thousands of times we will not stand still for your freedom robbing crimes.”

He looked past them all as if to ignore and yawned and stretched because they to him were a bore.

He thought to himself in his arrogant way, “these people are stupid I wish they would stray,

from this thought that their voice means anything more than a mouse in a cupboard or scampering on the floor.”

He started to turn from the window with haste to practice his golf swing which we all know is a waste.

But something traveling way up in the sky caught his attention and the look of his eye.

It was a star in the East coming quickly at first then landing before him it brilliantly burst.

And there with the thousands who came to protest, stood three shining figures in different dress.
As the light then grew dim so Obama could see, he knew all at once the identity of the three.

Before him along with the angry all in accord, stood men from the past whose example he’d ignored.

For there on the lawn and joining the protest, were Lincoln, Washington and Reagan three of our best.

The crowd stood in awe as they saw this great sight and all knew at once these men knew their plight.

Of fighting for freedom and all of our rights, no matter the obstacles or the enemies might.

Obama just stood there shaking his head, speaking before them he said, “you’re ideals are all dead.

This land is so flawed it must now be changed and anyone thinking other wise is completely deranged.”

The three bowed their heads and beginning to shake stood tall and proud as the ground started to quake.

Washington spoke first as Obama piped down, “listen to me you liberal clown!

You think you’re all knowing but if the truth must be told, you’re a disgrace to the powerful office you hold.”

Then Lincoln chimed in a voice strong and clear, ” and the freedoms you hate these thousands hold dear.

you’re socialist ways are what caused the people to muster because freedom is what makes America prosper.”

Now Ronnie stepped forth with a twinkle in his eye as he looked at Obama and gave a great sigh.
“Listen here you cannot force the people to bow to any government ran by the liberal sacred cow,

of taxing and spending until we are broke, and stealing their money until they are choked.”

The people all cheered at the voice of the three and they cried out in one, “Obama we are free!

Free to live our lives just as we choose without your involvement or your charity ruse.

Then Ronnie spoke again in like manner, ” Obama it’s their voice and will that’s the banner,

of this Nation served before you by each of us three, and nothing you do can stop liberties tree,

from growing and spreading the wonderful hope, that America is free and trust the people you dope.”

Then with his mouth opened wide in complete disbelieve Obama thought it over and he would get some relief.

But we people yelled out in a rousing loud chorus, with Ronnie and George and Abraham before us.

“Merry Christmas to you for it is we who have clout, to remove you from office for in two years, you’re OUT!”

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth