Why Conservatism Must Flourish And The Left Must Fall

At one time in our Nations history it was thought to be a good thing that the political system consisted of two parties. Over time the multiple parties of our infancy morphed into the two party system we are all familiar with and the political discourse was healthy and created a climate which allowed for the differing views to actually contribute in such a way that the country flourished and although the two sides never quite saw eye to eye they both believed in America and the traditions and principles passed down to us by our Founders.

In this modern age of politics, while we still have a two party system, an ideology has taken over one party which no longer provides a healthy discourse but a clear and present danger to the people of The United States and the Nations very existence. While the Republican party has its problems, the Democrat party as a whole has been so entrenched by the far left and the political ideology which destroys freedom that they have become a danger to our nation more threatening than any enemy we have ever faced.

The left which has taken over the Democrat party no longer believes in our Constitution. In fact if they could eliminate all aspects of the Constitution and the principled laws which sustain our Nation they would do it. This has been their underlying goal in nearly all of the legislative initiatives created by Democrats for several decades but especially in the last ten years as the leftist progressives have taken over complete ownership of the Democrat party.

Republicans are not immune to this influence as is proven by those who have become known as RINOS. Thought not as left leaning and destructive as the progressive leftists of the Democrat party they seek to not eliminate the Constitution but diminish its authority enough so that most of the founding principles become irrelevant to the governing of our Nation and the end of a completely free Republic.

The destructiveness of these leftist progressives and their ideology has been revealed as never before since the beginning of the Presidency of Barack Obama partnered with the Pelosi/Reid Congress which has forced more unconstitutional legislation than any Congress and Administration in our Nations history. This leftist progressive control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of our government has come dangerously close to pushing our country over the precipice of Marxist socialism and ending a free Republic of by and for the people.

They have shown a complete disregard and an actual disgust for Constitutional principles and even as the people rose up against their destructive agenda they continued to force the Nation down the path to a socialist state, ignoring the people and arrogantly acting as if they and only they were intelligent enough to decide who and what our country should become.

Even after the people spoke in a loud and clear unmistakable voice through the one free process that has kept our Nation in check for its entire existence, the power of the people at the voting booth, the leftist progressive Democrats STILL ignored the clear message of the people and when the lame duck Congress convened, these ideologues bragged about how much they still had to complete of the agenda rejected by the people before the new conservative Congress takes over in January.

The danger that the leftist progressives pose to our Nation and is continuation as a free society is why conservatism must flourish and the left as it exists now must fall and become completely irrelevant in the political direction our country takes. For the two party system that we know in this country this means eliminating the ability of the Democrat party to ever control the legislative or Executive agenda again.

There may be some that read this who think I am advocating the elimination of political discussion and disagreement in our country. Far from it, in fact political discussion is healthy for our Nation and opposing views allow creativity which prevents a stagnation that makes for a Nation without a soul and a vision. Eliminating political discussion and differences also is unconstitutional as every voice has the freedom to be heard in this country because of the God given and Constitutionally enforced right of free speech.

Where this discussion becomes dangerous is when those who seek to eliminate the very Constitution that insures their right of free speech, using that right in elective office to govern in a manner that seeks to destroy the Constitution they are sworn to protect. That is the direction we have seen over the last nearly two years in the Administration of Barack Obama coupled with the Pelosi/Reid Congress.

We have been told that our Nation is a center right country. Personally I believe it is farther to the right than most think. Conservative values, which are Constitutional are predominant in our families and our culture regardless of where we live and what race or creed we are. Americans as a whole believe in freedom and will fight to the death to insure that freedom continues for their children and every future generations that follows.

It is for the survival of our Nation, her people, our Constitution and our freedom that conservatism must flourish. Notice I say conservatism and NOT Republicanism, there is a difference. In our current party system though only one party has even a remote chance of embracing the conservative Constitutional values that enables our Nation to flourish and the people to prosper, that is the Republican party.

The leftist progressives has so entrenched and taken control of the Democrat party that they are beyond hope of ever becoming anything but a destructive force in continuing with the founding and Constitutional principles that sustain our Nation. While some in the GOP fall into the same category as leftist progressives, most still stand true to conservative Constitutional principles, especially in the rank and file. Their is a elitism in the party leadership and many of the old guard GOP that 2012 and the months leading up to that election must weed out.

A third party would do nothing but allow the leftist progressive back into complete power as it would split the GOP. We have shown in the 2010 election that we as a people still have the authority to beat back the leftist progressives, known mostly as Democrats by rising en’ masse at the voting booth. And in the same move change the ideological dynamics of the Republican party from the RINO progressives who controlled the party nominating McCain in 2008 to the much more conservative make up which came from the recent election.

We cannot allow the deception of the leftist progressives who will now fight with every ounce of their being to regain power, to fool this country again by acting and talking like conservatives to gain the sympathy of the people as they have in the past. The awakened electorate must remain savvy to the lies of the Democrats and ALSO keep a tight fisted check on Republicans to insure they do not drift off the conservative Constitutional path again while by our activism continue to weed out the RINOS and make a complete conservative take over of the GOP as Reagan did.

The leftist progressive will always be around and will always be a part of the electoral process and hold elected office. There are still and always be millions of Americans who prefer to be controlled and depend on government enough to keep this destructive ideology alive in this country. But we cannot allow it to thrive again nor take power back in Washington because the next time we will not just come close to the precipice of socialism as we have in the last two years but will crash over the cliff ending our freedom and enslaving all Americans to a government run by leftist progressives who will make our Constitution and our Republic a chapter in a future history book teaching of a Republic and a free people that once was known a America.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth