Mediocre Republican Presidents Create Left Wing Ideologue Presidents Like Obama

Soon after the first of the year, at least by Spring, the 2012 Presidential cycle with sprout its wings and candidates who are for the moment speculation will being announcing their exploratory committees, begin raising funds and eventually make that anticipated announcement officially kicking off their run for The White House. Barack Obama is already gearing up for it as David Axelrod is soon leaving to begin what should be a failed run for a second term.

Republicans have a major decision facing them when it comes to a field of candidates who in all honesty do not excite the GOP electorate enough for any of the speculative bunch to garner a significant enough lead in preliminary polling for a , “front runner,” to emerge as the Presidential season soon begins in earnest. The list is long but the interest is not for any one or even three or four possible candidates.

Yet within this future candidate we as conservatives have a task before us that is not only daunting but the future of our Republic rides on who we choose as our candidate and whether that candidate can, one beat Obama, which at least at this point in his unpopularity looks to be a little easier task than usual when a incumbent President is in the election mix. Secondly we must field a candidate who after winning the Presidency does NOT fall into mediocrity as did most of the modern Republican Presidents.

Why do I warn of Republican Presidential mediocrity? It is the failure of Republican Presidents in the last almost 40 years that have created the liberal ideologue Democrat Presidents who have been among our worst and especially the current disaster who will go down in history AS our worst Chief Executive.

The failure and scandals of Richard Nixon which angered Americans bleeding over into the Ford years created Jimmy Carter who as President weakened our country and sent us on a domestic tailspin that saw inflation above 20% and The United States almost becoming a second rate power both militarily and economically. George H.W. Bush and his, “no new taxes,” pledge which was broken along with a very mediocre Presidency which saw Bush fall from a popularity during the Gulf War in the 90 percentile to the low 40’s, created Bill Clinton who tried to take the country to the far left but wised up after his 1994 GOP Congressional shellacking and reluctantly worked with the GOP Congress still fighting for his liberal causes while being impeached for lying to a Grand Jury confused over the definition of, “is.”

Now we come to our current White House occupant who is the Frankenstein of creations by the mediocrity of a Republican President. George W. Bush was a better President than his father yet his failure to stick to his conservative guns by moving to a centrist and in many cases an almost Democrat light approach on the domestic front along with a Republican Congress that followed his example created Barack Obama and helped lead us into the mess we find ourselves in now.

It wasn’t Bush’s prosecution of the war thrust on him by 9/11 nor the total fault of a liberal press that vilified him while he seldom defended himself that created his mediocricy as President but his failure to stand true to conservative values and principles which allowed him to drift from the right to left of center domestic policies and spending which gave voters pause and ushered in the Pelosi/Reid Congress and gave conception and eventual birth to Barack Obama and his Presidency.

Had Bush followed the one and only example in the Presidency over the last 40 years that brought a successful Republican administration and did not create a liberal ideologue who followed in The White House, Barack Obama would have been just a foot note in election politics and not the disaster and dangerous President he has become. Bush’s troubles caused confusion in the GOP ranks giving rise to John McCain who at best was a wet rag candidate that excited no one adding to the false luster of Obama who rise was created by Bush and enhanced by McCain.

The one example of a Republican administration that did not create a liberal ideologue who followed a mediocre GOP President was Ronald Reagan. Reagan stood fast to his conservative principles and values throughout his Presidency. He lead this Nation with strength of character and conscience that revitalized American power both at home and abroad. He did not yield when critics condemned him over his stance against The Soviet Union and he proved to be right in that stance.

Domestically he remained true to his conservative values while battling a Democrat Congress yet still managing to get most of his agenda through that Congress by taking his case directly to the people which caused Congress to back down because of Reagan’s connection with Americans and his ability to promote what he believed which just enhanced that connection to a conservative Nation.

Reagan’s Presidency was not perfect but it was far from mediocre and his strength as a leader along with his ability to inspire Americans to excel and embrace American exceptionalism and patriotism gave us one of the greatest Presidency’s in our history and when he left office he left behind a legacy of greatness that caused the Nation to embrace the candidate he endorsed rather than falling for the flim flam of a created liberal ideologue who falls into office because of a mediocre Republican President.

Whether the left likes it or not we are a conservative Nation. Whether the liberal press believes it or not conservative values and principles if adhered to work to keep us strong and provide domestic success both economically, socially and respect on the foreign front. As Ronald Reagan proved, when a President governs by conservative values and principles the Nation does not fall for the liberal scam candidates who cry for change ONLY for change sake.

Our Nation is crying for strong conservative leadership in our next President. We are longing to see a return to the principles that most of the Nation lives by. Conservative values that embrace God, the family, patriotism, pride in our exceptionalism as a Nation and a people and principles that place the Constitution before ideology and government as a small and quiet servant not a slave master.

As we begin to wade through the field of current Republican prospects or find that one or two whose star has not risen yet but will show as the Presidential season gets into full swing, we must back a candidate who encompasses the principles and values we believe and as Reagan proved the majority of the Nation believes. We cannot settle for mediocrity in our conservative choice but must look for greatness which can inspire our Nation to be equally as great and reach for the stars because THAT is who we are as Americans.

We must find a candidate whose greatness equals the task before them and in whom we can trust to fulfill that task as President and when finished leaves behind a legacy to their predecessor which prevents created disasters like Carter, Clinton and Obama from rising and falling into the Presidency because the people have grown tired of Republican mediocrity in a President. Reagan’s greatness passed down his legacy and prevented an ideologue for change form rising. Whomever we select for 2012 must do the same or even after a Republican Presidency following the Obama disaster we will once again face a repeat of 2008 and the rise of another Obama.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth