TSA Controversy Exposes Failures Of Government Control

No matter how Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napalitano and the head of the TSA try to spin it, the groping controversy with airport security is not going away and their failure to deal with it in a way that does NOT include a tremendous invasion of privacy exposes the true and real failures of government control over anything especially involving individuals and business.

TSA was made a government entity by an act of Congress when Democrats who were in the majority at the time chose to place the airport security company under total government control rather than allowing the private sector to handle security for airports around the nation. Since then TSA has become a massive government bureaucracy who as with any other government agency becomes completely impersonal and costly to the point that it also becomes ridiculous.

The overbearing power and reach of government is highlighted by the body scan and groping body searches which are now a daily part of airport security since the changes ordered by Homeland Security went into effect on October 29th. The complete lack of concern by TSA and Napalitiano over the invasion of privacy that this enhanced search and scanning causes again exposes just how little concern government has for our privacy, our individuality and our freedom.

Republican Congressman John Mica, who will become Chairman of the House Transportation Committee in January is reminding airports around the country that their contract with government run TSA has an opt out clause which allows them to replace TSA with private security. Airports are now making moves to exercise the opt out clause in light of the scanning/groping controversy.

One major airport which services Central Florida, Orlando Sanford International Airport, is one that is opting out of their TSA contract. “All of our due diligence shows it’s the way to go,” said Larry Dale, the director of the Sanford Airport Authority. “You’re going to get better service at a better price and more accountability and better customer service.”

Eliminating the government from airport security and replacing with private companies is not only much more cost effective but allows the airport to have a better handle on security operations. Additionally where private companies are already running security lines are less, customers are treated better and security is actually better as security personnel use their judgement and professional training rather than following a book of bureaucratic rules as is the case with TSA.

With private security body scans, invasive body searches and groping of Nuns and children are not used since security personnel are trained as to WHO to look for and certain signs of problems rather than a policy that targets every individual just because they are boarding a plane. TSA’s search or scan all policy is a prime example of government run amok and the answer to the problem since government always seeks to invade our privacy, is to dissolve TSA and return airport security to the private sector. Since eliminating a government agency is next to impossible, then the real choice is to eliminate TSA by attrition with airports exercising the opt out clause forcing TSA to die a painful and quick death.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth