Republican And Tea Party Conservatives, The Battle Has Just Begun, No Compromise

The election that we have been waiting since the day Barack Obama took office has now come and gone. Conservatives came away with a great victory with the greatest take over of the House of Representatives by Republicans since the 1930’s. The Senate while not a GOP majority is now strong enough with 46 or 47 depending on the Alaska results, that Harry Reid will not be able to just bypass the GOP without needing their votes to get anything through.

While disappointing, the Senate still in Democrat control could actually be a blessing in disguise for the 2012 election. I am sure that Obama and Democrats were already planning on running against the, “evil,” Republican control of Congress in 2012, but still having control of the Senate will curtail that opportunity to a great deal.

Many of the Tea Party backed candidates who were thought to gain victory on election day did not and their loss emphasises a problem that we who have fought so hard for this conservative ascendancy will be facing now and in the months leading up to the 2012 election. There are many within the GOP who, in their moderate to left leaning beliefs think that a conservative Republican party is too, “radical,” for their taste.

In fact it is that establishment in the party that prevented candidates like Sharron Angle and Ken Buck to name just two in Senate races and several House races from having the resources needed to overcome well established Democrat Union backed machines entrenched in States and Districts that had a strong get out the vote campaign along with some suspicious activities always associated with an election. In Nevada it went as far as many of the GOP State leaders endorsing Reid to prevent Angle from winning.

Now that the election is over many of these establishment Republicans or RINOS as we call them are already calling for the GOP House and the new conservatives who will sit in the Senate to reach across the isle, get buddy, buddy with Obama and seek compromise with the left in order to get along and set a, “new tone,” in Washington. A tone that has everyone agreeing and standing around the Capitol camp fires singing, “Kum Ba Yah.”

This GOP establishment is willing to join with Democrats and continue IGNORING the will of the people who clearly sent a loud and clear message with last weeks vote that we REJECT Obama policy and the Democrat agenda and demanding Republicans we are sending to take their place NOT reach across the isle, not compromise but STOP the massive slide toward a Socialist America that has been taking place for decades and escalated by Obama and Democrats in the last 20 months.

Our vote did not indicate we wanted a tone of agreement in Washington. It did not indicate we wanted everyone to get along. It indicated that we demand conservative Constitutional principles and we expect NOTHING less from a GOP controlled House and conservatives in the Senate. Soon to be Speaker of the House John Boehner understands this as does Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who have both stated in several new conferences and interviews that in January both will follow, “the people’s agenda,” and if and only if Obama joins with THEM will they discuss working together with The White House.

That is the tone we want in Washington. A tone the follows the will of the people who now demand Constitutional government. We do not want a friendly let’s all get along tone because it is that tone which has allowed much of the decline of conservative values and Constitutional principles taking us down a road NEVER intended by our Founders for our Republic. A road that ignores the people and seeks to expand government to the point that it controls every aspect of American life.

For we who have fought the good fight and and those we have newly elected, reelected or continue in office but understand the election mandate from the people, our battle is just beginning. We now have a battle which must be waged on two fronts. We, as we have been, must continue the fight against Obama and those who seek to destroy our country with an over bearing government and unconstitutional legislation and entitlements designed to enslave a free people to government control.

But in addition to those we have been fighting we now must engage, “establishment,” Republicans who fear their loss of power with the conservative ascendancy that has taken place in the party and in those who have been elected during the mid term. They have controlled the GOP agenda far to long and they will not give up without a fight as they have already proven by their lack of support for many Tea Party candidates and their comments after the election against Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin and other conservatives. Comments the liberal press are all to willing to report in order to show dissension in the ranks of the GOP.

Additionally our activism through large attended gatherings and protests around the country but especially in Washington must continue. The millions of e-mails, letters and phone calls we have sent to our Representatives must not only continue but continue at the massive volumes already experienced. We must stay engaged in this fight and NEVER grow complacent again allowing Washington to control the agenda of the people. This is a country of by and for we the people and those we have elected must be reminded of it constantly.

This is not a time of compromise for the Tea Party and an awakened electorate nor for those who head to Washington with a mandate for conservative Constitutional government. For those in the good old boy GOP establishment, we must follow the example of Ronald Reagan who faced a similar establishment which fought the conservative rise in the late seventies. He embraced the people and the people in return transformed the Republican party into the conservative party.

The establishment Republicans who fear this new conservative ascendancy must not be allowed to dictate party platform or control how the GOP legislates in the House or the Senate. Then over the next two years just as we did with Tea Party backed conservative candidates in this election we field a new group of conservative candidates to weed out those who refuse to listen to the people and refuse to adhere to the people demanded conservative agenda and principles.

We have achieved a great victory by taking over the House and six Senate seats along with most Governorships and 19 new State Legislatures with well over 600 conservatives state representatives elected. But just like those who landed on Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches on D Day 1944, while achieving a foothold we still have a long way to go before achieving total victory. The fight now is in the hedge rows of continued political activism advancing the conservative Constitutional cause until that day when full Constitutional government is restored and our Republic once again is one of, by and for, “We the people!”

Ken Taylor   The Liberal Lie, The Conservative truth