Republicans - This Election Is A Mandate From The People Not For The Party

I have voted Republican in every election since I became eligible in 1974 and have not missed voting in any general election since then. My political views have always, even during my teen years, been conservative, but like many of you who I could not bring myself to vote for Democrats because of their liberal ideology, I have voted for Republicans who I had disagreements with but whose political beliefs still came closer to my own than the Democrat candidate running.

After all I would rather disagree with some one 30% of the time than 100% of the time, right? Well this 2010 mid term election brings with it a victory for Republicans but along with that victory comes a stern warning to the Grand Old Party. This election is not a mandate for a party but one from the people and unlike other elections of the past this one comes with expectations that will determine the course of future elections unlike any in recent history.

Like most of you, though voting and supporting Republican candidates, I was extremely disappointed in the GOP during the last few years in which they held the majority in Congress. When I voted for Republicans, even those in whom I had disagreements, I expected conservative governing and not Democrat light which happened for many of the final years of GOP power.

So my message and that of the American people who are about to return the Congressional reigns back over to the GOP, is simple. We are not giving you a party mandate but a peoples mandate and it comes with expectations that we demand and will not compromise with nor become complacent as has been the case following past election. These expectation are as follows:

1. We expect an immediate return to Constitutional sanity and principles which have been abandoned for decades but especially in the last 20 months under Obama and Democrat control. If ANYTHING does not pass full Constitutional muster then it must be stopped!

2. We expect no compromise with Barack Obama nor working WITH him caving to his agenda just to get along as many especially Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham have already suggested. The American people are angry and it is because of Obama’s failed policy that this anger has manifested. We are sending you to Washington to STOP Obama not help him!

3. We expect legislation to repeal Obamacare. We do not want to hear that it will be a tough battle and there are not enough votes to override an expected Presidential VETO. The country does not want this damaging legislation and we want action against it. Obama will VETO it but, make him do so and show the country he still ignores his true colors force his hand on the issue.

4. We expect Congress to defund Obamacare even with a VETO of repeal legislation. This law is destructive and cannot be allowed to come to fruition for the sake of all Americans and the survival of the country.

5. We expect immediate action to begin shrinking the size and scope of government. This goes hand in hand with our first expectation. The Constitution limits the federal government and we expect the government to return to one that follows those Constitutional limitations as outlined in each Article and in accordance to the Tenth Amendment.

6. We expect immediate action to lift the tax and regulation burden against business which is hampering progress and destroying jobs. Until this relief begins job creation will continue to be non-existent and unemployment will remain steady or grow. Millions are out of work and private sector business has the only means to create the jobs to employ Americans but government MUST get off the back of business owners for it to happen. In conjunction with this we also expect government to get out of running private business. Return GM and Chrysler to the private sector and all other government controlled businesses. No more bailouts which places business at the mercy of government. Government has no business in the private sector period.

7. We expect tax relief for all American who pay taxes. Extending the Bush tax cuts is just the beginning. This is not relief it only prevents a massive tax hike. Americans know how to handle their own money far better than the government. Tax relief is not only the best economic stimulus but will increase government revenues as have been proven before

8. We expect full and complete fiscal discipline. NO MORE DEFICIT SPENDING PERIOD. Out of control spending is bankrupting our country and passing the bill on to our children for generations. We will not allow government to bankrupt future generations in order to pay for unneeded and unnecessary government today. Stop the madness and cut spending immediately.

9. We expect increased revenue which comes from tax relief along with the savings from cutting spending to be applied 100% to paying our national debt and not paying for expanded government programs. Until the debt is reduced foreign powers especially China control Americas financial future and creates a security risk which endangers EVERY American.

10. We expect immediate and strong border security. No more half measures, nor more compromise. Build the fence and make all necessary means even if it includes the military to secure our border and end illegal entry into our country and the violence and burden on our economy that is associated with illegal aliens and the Mexican drug cartels.

11. We expect ALL current immigration laws to be enforced even if it means deporting every illegal alien in the process. We cannot allow our laws to violated and providing amnesty for those who have illegally entered our country compromises the law and encourages the breaking of other laws. Arizona has the right idea ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAW NOW!

12. We expect The United States to be strong. This does not mean appeasing enemies. This does not mean political correctness toward terrorism or those who perform terrorist acts even if those actions are in the name of a religion. Killing Americans or seeking to kill Americans will not be tolerated period and appeasing those who do so in order to sound kind and gentle does not protect our country. The primary job of government is to defend the Nation SO DEFEND IT!

These expectations are the most immediate and the tip of the peoples iceberg. We understand that it has taken years to get into this mess and the restoration of Constitutional government will not happen over night, but we expect and we demand that it start and start immediately and continue until restored. We the people are tired of being ignored. We are tired of hearing excuses and we are tired of watching our freedoms and Republic compromised.

We expect the path of destruction we have been on to stop and we expect it to reverse course NOW. If not then come 2012 we will rise again and send new representation to Washington as we are in 2010. Democrats are beyond hope of being anything but progressives who seek to socialize America. Republicans too have progressives who we are removing this year and will seek to remove more in the future when they come up for reelection.

Ronald Reagan made the GOP the party of conservative Constitutional values and as we return Republicans to power we expect Constitutional conservatism in all governing and representation of the people. We the people are the boss. We expect those in Washington to serve us. We are showing that when they don’t we will rise and remove them from power. Republicans take heed, you have said you have learned your lesson. We expect you to govern accordingly listening and following the will of the people……or else!

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth