It's Their Democrat Record, Not Their Campaign Deception That Counts

Recent polling is showing many of the races for the mid term election tightening as voters are being inundated by campaign ads, debates and the general massive PR push that accompanies any election in its final days. With only two weeks left before voters go to the polls in what will be a referendum vote on Barack Obama and his agenda, most Democrats are playing the deception game in order to try and get voters to forget what they have done and concentrate on the lie they are spewing in order to get reelected.

Democrats are actually campaigning AGAINST Obama and his agenda as well as Nancy Pelosi because of their low standing in popularity. Each campaigning as if they had nothing to do with the mess our country is in. Unfortunately according to how polls are tightening many voters seem to be falling for this deceptive trap and forgetting that the same Democrats who are now running FROM Obama are also the Democrats who either voted for or backed his agenda.

Most Democrats are not even including their party affiliation in any campaign ads, signage or propaganda sheets. Doing everything they can to distance themselves from Obama and Pelosi while trying to sound like fiscal and even social conservatives in order to get a vote. The barrage of deceptive ads and campaigning is designed to get voters to forget the record of Democrats and have voters buy into the lie that these liberal ideologues are truly representatives of the people who listen and stand for the same ideals as our center right country does.

Campaign ads like that of West Virginia Governor and Senate candidate Joe Manchin where he takes a rifle and shoots through a ,”cap and trade,” bill while telling viewers he will fight big government and Obamacare is a prime example of how Democrats are lying to the public trying to jump onto the band wagon of anger over Obama’s agenda and pretending that they had nothing to do with it.

Even in many of the debates Democrat candidates are sounding more like GOP candidates talking of fiscal conservatism and in some cases portraying themselves as staunch pro business Capitalist who think government is getting in the way of business. But when you look at the record of these same candidates they voted time and again AGAINST business and with government by placing burdensome regulations that have stifled business prosperity and cost millions of jobs.

But never talk of facts when a Democrat is campaigning because they will only go off on a tangent of how the facts of their record are nothing more than a right wing attack against a good and faithful public servant who is only looking out for the poor and those who can’t fend for themselves. Which is such an obvious load of horse manure but always seems to work for Democrats.

As the election draws closer Democrats are also sending out the, “big guns, ” to campaign. Obama is hitting states where his popularity is not as bad so as not to embarrass the failed President when candidates he campaigns for lose in November. Joe Biden and Bill Clinton are hitting the campaign trail heavily with all three talking a more middle of the road agenda as if it was what Democrats have been pushing all along. All talk with no proof, yet polling seems to show, especially in some of the highly visible senate races that this Democrat lie is catching on and voters are moving to an extent back to Democrats.

Republicans have a good and Constitutionally sound message which is still resonating with voters but if this message is not combined with an onslaught of ads and campaign stops which remind voters daily of the failed and disastrous records of Democrat opponents, the deception barrage of Democrats sounding conservative could leave at least the Senate in their hands and give Obama one Chamber of Congress to continue some of his destruction of our country.

We who are using the web as a means of fighting to take back our country must, over the next two weeks, hammer the Internet with constant reminders of the record of Democrats to help of set the lie they are portraying as they campaign as fiscally, pro business conservatives. Republican candidates must do the same since they are up against a media who is assisting Democrats in this deception. While campaigning about the future is necessary and important, reminding voters of the Democrat record of especially the last almost two years is just as important if not more so in order to counter the lies and abandoning of the record by Democrats.

They cannot be allowed to run from what they have done by all of a sudden sounding like a conservative. They cannot be allowed to run from their record of destruction by lying to the people and pretending that suddenly they get it and understand what all of the anger is about. They cannot be allowed to distance themselves from Obama and Pelsoi when they embraced everything both pushed legislatively. They cannot be allowed to pretend their vote with Obama and his agenda did not count. They cannot be allowed to ignore the people as they have and now act as if the people are all that is important.

Democrats are now claiming they love America and all we have traditionally stood for as a Nation but their record shows just the opposite and we cannot allow them to forget it or deceive voters into forgetting it. They are NOT the party for the people. They are NOT the party for jobs. They are NOT the party who is pro business. They are NOT the party of strong National Security. They are NOT the party of a secure border. They are NOT the party of smaller government and less taxation.

Their record must follow them all the way to the polls and defeat on November second. It must be placed upon them as a scarlet letter for all the Nation to see and not one of these progressive ideologues be allowed to deceive the public into forgetting who they are and what they have done to America and Americans. It’s all about their record and how it has destroyed out country. The referendum on Obama is also a referendum on those who fell in lock step with him and they cannot be allowed to deny this fact. They can run but cannot be allowed to hide!

Ken Taylor

The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth