Need A Job, Fire A Democrat In November

Millions of Americana are without work. Businesses are failing and those that are still open are struggling with the result being lesser profits and continued lay offs with little or no hiring. Unemployment is holding steady or rising above 9.5% with no end in sight. In fact a recent study shows that at the current rate of job losses with almost no recovery, it will be 2020 until the job market stabalizes again and businesses can hire those unemployed.

To listen to Barack Obama and the Democrats things could be worse and if it were not for them unemployment would be higher and the economy much worse. According to their deceptive spin campaign as we approach the 2010 mid term election where Democrats stand to lose power in Congress if we abandon their economic policy by voting out the current majority and removing from office hundreds of progressives in both the House and the Senate unemployment will increase and the economy will crash.

Yet all of the facts show differently then the Democrat spin. With the economy being the single most pressing issue and unemployment topping the economic issues ladder as the mid terms draw closer, if anyone votes with even the slightest amount of knowledge about the facts and especially if they are without a job, based on the facts and real statistics about unemployment and the economy in general the truth is, if you need a job, or your business to prosper whether you are the owner or an employee seeking to better yourself financially through your job, then firing a Democrat when you vote will bring about the desired result.

Since taking the majority in Congress, Democrats have skyrocketed unemployment and destroyed business by their over regulation and general handling of the economy. The following graph shows just how bad the unemployment picture has been since 2006 when Democrats took the House and the Senate:
Unemployment remained fairly steady between 4 and 6 percent until Democrats moved in and through their destructive fiscal policy cost millions of American jobs. If anyone who reads this post were to have this dismal a job performance where you work your termination papers would be quick and permanent. If you are a business owner and your bottom line was as dismal as that of Democrats and the loss of jobs in this country, your doors would close and the business would fail.

But Democrats who have created this dismal jobs picture and the destructive atmosphere which has forced businesses to lay of or just plain eliminate jobs, have the audacity to stand before the American people who they are bankrupting and say they don’t deserve to be fired. Obama and his Democrat job killers generally consider themselves successful and deserving of rehiring through the election process even though they are among the only people who have benefited from their economic failure and extremely poor job performance.

Obama had the gall to state last week that the 2%of Americans that he desires to raise taxes on, ( of course with Democrat failure to renew the Bush tax cuts EVERY ONES taxes will increase), will NOT affect the economy. According to this economic imbecile those who make over $250,000 and have their taxes raised will not have a single damaging affect on an already sluggish and no jobs economy. He and other Democrats REFUSE to accept that the very people they wish to raise taxes on are those who create jobs and provide employment to the rest of American taxpayers who work.

Their liberal arrogance believes that anyone who makes over $250,000 is rich and has the ability to throw away more money into government coffers so the progressives can spend even more hard earned American dollars. They will NOT accept that small business owners who provide over 90% of American jobs combine their personal income with that of their business and THAT is why they fall into the 2% who Obama claims a tax increase will not hurt.

The truth which Democrats never see is strikingly different. For every dollar that business especially small business forks over to the government costs American jobs. Increasing taxes will also increase unemployment. Tax reduction will increase hiring and lower the unemployment rate dramatically. But this simple economic solution is beyond the thinking of Democrats since they believe that ANY tax cut must be.” paid,” for since as they see it reducing taxes robs the government of money.

But history shows, and I know I am talking to the choir here, that reducing taxes actually INCREASES government revenue as Americans spend more money and businesses prosper and hire. Anyone who can add two plus two and does not follow a progressive political ideology understands this. But Democrats who ARE progressives believe that if they don’t control the money it will not be spent in the correct places, namely their socialistic agenda, and therefore reducing taxes especially for evil business is not an option.

So the bottom line here is simple. If you are a business owner and want your business to prosper and expand, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you are unemployed and need to find a job, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you are an American who wants to have the freedom to spend your hard earned money as you see fit WITHOUT the government demanding that you fork it over to them so they can better spend it for you, on November 2 fire a Democrat.

Democrats do not deserve another chance as they, especially their failed leader who sits in the Oval Office, are begging as they campaign. They cry that hand to hand combat will be the result if they are voted out. They cry that if Americans do not vote to return Democrats to Congress then the, “failed,” policies that as they see it brought us into the mess we are in, will make a bad situation worse.

If unemployment below 6%, businesses all across America growing, prospering and expanding as a result is considered a ,”failed,” policy then I’ll take that,” failure,” over what Democrats consider success any day! Democrat success is taking our country into bankruptcy. Spending is out of control debt is climbing and deficits are exploding. Businesses which drive our economy are closing and the American people who are the greatest work force in history are either unemployed or struggling to survive under Democrat, “success.”

So my fellow Americans, if you want our country to prosper, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you want our Nation safe and secure and not wallowing in debt to other Nations, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you want America to once again be the, “shining city on a hill,” that the world looks to for hope and direction in an unfair and uncompromising world, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you want Constitutional values restored and conservative principles followed whether in our fiscal policy or foreign and all other domestic policy, on November 2 fire a Democrat. Together we can take our country back by firing those who are destroying it. On November 2, begin restoring America, FIRE A DEMOCRAT!

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth