A Tale Of Two Rallies, Conservative VS Liberal Who Trashed The Mall And The Country

August 28, 2010, hundreds of thousands of conservative Americans descended on Washington DC to participate in a rally to honor America hosted by talk show personality Glenn Beck. The rally began at the Lincoln Memorial and stretched past the WWII Memorial to the Washington Monument. Speakers talked of a united American which stands firm on the precepts of God and our Constitution never once lashing out at any political party or politician but calling for a return to strong conservative values and morals.

October 2, 2010, slightly over ten thousand liberals many of which proudly chanting their love of Socialism descended on Washington DC. This rally too began at the Lincoln Memorial and went only as far as the reflection pool directly across from the Memorial. The rally was sponsored by several Labor Unions and liberal cause groups many of which bused participants to Washington for the Rally. Speakers lashed out at the Republican Party and various conservative politicians especially Sarah Palin. Blaming all the woes of the country on the right and calling those who do not agree with them too stupid to vote.

Both rallies consisted of people who are angered at what is happening in America today. The Beck rally channeled that anger in a positive message seeking to united Americans toward restoring values and morals that follow those instilled in America by our Founders who like those at the rally sought guidance from God as they embraced the freedom they sought for both they and their children.

The Union sponsored rally channeled that anger toward the right and anyone else who disagreed with their ideals and any direction which seeks to prevent this country from sliding into their vision of a socialist utopia where government controls America and Americans. But what was said during the rally was not as revealing as what was left behind after the rallies as to how our Nation will evolve under the influence of those who participated in either rally.

After the Glenn Beck rally with hundred of thousands of people in attendance around the Mall area of Washington eating, drinking and generally camping out for an entire day, once the rally was completed with the exception of specified areas where trash was designated to be left for pick up, the Mall was left spotless. In fact so spotless that one could not tell that a rally had taken place. Even the designated trash pick up areas were tidy with trash stacked neatly in containers or bags for easy disposal.

Contrast this with the after math of the rally held by the left on October 2. Not only was the trash not placed in containers or stacked neatly for disposal, but the entire Mall area was trashed including locations where no one was standing during the rally. Sacred Memorials like the WWII Memorial were left looking like a garbage dump. The area around the Lincoln Memorial resembled a trash pile.

Signs and leaflets were strewn everywhere. Bottles and uneaten food were tossed wherever participants has stood or walked. Food wrappers were blowing in the breeze looking for a place to cling for some poor soul to have to pick up by hand in order to throw it away. It will take days and thousands of dollars to clean up the mess left behind. After the Beck rally those who carried the trash away completed their clean up task shortly after the rally finished.

Both rallies claimed they had the better direction for America. Both rallies came to DC with people who believed what they expressed during the rallies. But one left behind a disaster for workers to clean up showing no respect for our Nations Capitol, the Memorials that honor those who sacrificed in service to our Nation or the poor workers whose job it was to clean up the mess. Not once did they concern themselves with the massive cost to clean up after their rally which comes from tax payer funds.

Whatever anyone thinks about the substance of either rally, whether one agrees or disagrees with what was said, who said it and how it was expressed, what was left behind gives the best example of how our Nation will fare as a result of the influence and ideals of those who participated. If people have no respect for their surroundings while marching for their cause how can they be expected to respect the traditions of freedom and the principles of our Founders without trashing the country as they trashed the Mall.

Those who participated in the rally on October 2 left behind a trashed environment. In like manner those who have and do govern with the socialist ideals expressed by the rally participants have trashed our Nation and left and are leaving behind a mess that generations will be forced to clean up. Rally participants showed no respect or concern for the poor sanitation workers who will spend days cleaning up their mess. Those who govern on the ideals expressed during the October rally use tax payer and borrowed money for reckless spending without respect or concern for the hard work of Americans who pay the burdensome taxes and whose children will be saddled with the debt.

They trashed the Mall and they have and are trashing America. A march which made its way around the base of the Washington Monument chanted love for Socialism in complete dishonor and disrespect for the man and the ideals of the person who the Monument was built to honor, George Washington. Our greatest President who fought for and sacrificed to insure that all Americans then and those who would follow would not have to face the tyranny of a government that took God given freedoms from its citizens. Yet those who chanted in the shadow of the Monument spit in the face of what Washington fought for as they celebrated socialist tyranny.

Those who rallied with Glenn Beck talked of and are seeking a productive and free future for America and Americans following the principles of our Founders and our Constitution. Those who rallied on October 2 seek a destructive and enslaved path for America and Americans. As they showed no respect for the Mall in trashing it they have no respect for our Founding and Constitutional principles of freedom, liberty and a government that leaves Americans to prosper of their own accord without government interference or oppression.

What was left behind on the Mall gives a telling insight to our future if those who govern today are left to do so and allowed to continue the destructive path they have legislated and promoted under the leadership of the current Congress and President. Our task for the future and freedom of America cannot be more clear. The elimination of those who are seeking to trash and destroy our Republic by voting them out of office and replacing them with those who respect our Founding principles and believe in Constitutional values and precepts. If not then our nation faces a future much like the Mall after the October rally our Nation will be trashed if left in their hands.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth