Obama Is Making Slaves While Talking About How Long It Took To Free the Slaves

In one of the most ridiculous analogies of his Presidency, during two speeches Barack Obama compared the, “impatience,” over the time it is taking for the economic recovery to the long battle during the early history of this country to free the slaves. Referring to the impatience Americans are having with his failed economic policy Obama stated that he too was impatient almost begging for Americans to be patient, give him more time and then threw in, “it took time to free the slaves.”

What an arrogant and completely imbecilic statement made by a politician much less a President. Trying to compare his failing and disastrous agenda to the battle this country had in its infancy to free slaves is ludicrous at best. Especially when one understands that Obama’s agenda with government expansion and control over the private sector CREATES slaves to an over bearing government where individuals are made dependent to government rather than being free to prosper of their own accord.

For a person who claimed during his campaign to be a uniting force and not a divider Obama by using the reference to slavery not only played the race card in a blatant and ridiculous manner but by inference suggested that anyone who disagrees with his failed policy is similar to the slave masters of old because they are opposing his crusade to transform America just as freeing the slaves transformed our country during the nineteenth century.

Once again he is using his platform as President to racially divide our Nation and calling anyone who disagrees with him or opposes his policy racist. What reason was there to make any reference to slavery other than to place race into his speech? Why would he mention the time it took to eliminate slavery in American if he has no intention of sparking racial tension in the idea that opposing him is similar to those who favored slavery which is why it took so long to end it.

Obama also tried to compare his failed economic measure to the crusade of women to be able to vote, again stating that it took time for women to get the vote. Once again begging for patience with a failed policy and comparing his push for an unpopular agenda to a historical crusade which divided our Nation as he divides our Nation now.

Well Mr. Obama the people are impatient because after nearly two years your policy has deepened the economic woes of the Nation rather than cure them as promised. People are impatient as they watch you and your family take extravagant vacations while average Americans struggle day to day to pay bills and feed their family.

People are impatient when you throw parties using the peoples White House as your personal play ground while millions are losing their jobs and cannot find work because your policy has caused business to stop hiring and lay off workers due to over regulation and burdensome taxation. Then your Democrat buddies leave Washington with the largest tax increase in history hanging over our heads and you beg for patience while you spend us into oblivion.

Barack Obama is completely out of touch with the people of this country and that too is why we are impatient because we expect results and all we have seen from Obama is failure. We expect our government to get off our backs and all we have seen with Obama is increased government involvement in every aspect of our lives. Our patience ran out long ago and now we are going to act on our free ability to change the course Obama is taking our country and get rid of those who have helped him on his destructive path. Replacing them with Representatives who will serve the people and NOT their own arrogant self interests like Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth