Obama, Biden And Other Dems Now Blame Voters For Their Mid Term Woes

Poll after poll, pundit after pundit are predicting a massive defeat for Democrats in the mid term election which takes place on November second. Almost everyone is conceding that the House will be lost and Pelosi and her liberal crowd of Democrat aristocrats will become the minority party in the next Congress. Some polling also suggest that Democrats may lose control of the Senate thought most still believe that the Senate will likely be an even split between both parties.

Throughout the run toward November Barack Obama and many of the Democrats have been attempting to blame anyone and everyone for their political woes. The first blame game went to George Bush with Obama and clan using the tired and over used idea that they, “inherited,” everything and it was Bush’s fault that America was in such bad shape. Voters saw through this political ruse understanding that the problems we face today are not inherited as Obama claims but solely belong to Barack and his party.

Next Obama and clan jumped on the GOP band wagon saying that Republicans were to blame for all of the Nations woes and it was their obstructionist actions preventing Obama policy from passing that was the problem with the failure to spur the economy and other troubles our country is facing. Voters didn’t buy into this lie either as the realization of failed Obama policy especially the massive trillion dollar stimulus was not caused by the minority GOP but Democrats who have a large enough majority to pass any legislation without GOP help.

Voters also understood what failed legislation like the stimulus did pass belonged to Democrats and the GOP had nothing to do with it. And the anger over Obamacare was not a result of the GOP but belonged to Obama and the Dems who made this the center piece of their agenda completely ignoring the voice of the people and passed the monstrosity anyway. So who else is left to blame for Obama and Democrat election woes ?

Obama made a lame attempt to try and individualize the blame again but this time it wasn’t his usual blame Bush bash but instead House Minority leader John Boehner. For nearly a week Obama went out on the campaign trail and it was the evil John Boehner show as Boehner became the target for everything Obama whined about before his selected crowds. This so called, “strategy,” quickly failed as even those in his selected crowds had little knowledge of who Boehner is much less why he is the blame for all of our Nations problems.

Now we find ourselves five weeks away from the crucial mid term election and polling is showing Democrats are not only NOT gaining any ground with voters but the defeat coming their way may very well be much worse than originally thought. Former Clinton staffer and now Fox News contributor Dick Morris has even predicted that as many as 100 seats may change in the House with a distinct possibility of a three to four seat majority for the GOP in the Senate.

Obama and clan have blamed everyone for their political woes and the problems in the Nation with voters not buying into the deception or the blame game understanding that why we are where we are rests in the hands of Obama and Democrats. Since neither are willing to accept responsibility for our national troubles Obama and his cohorts are seeking someone else to blame, so the blame game has now shifted again.

In interviews and speeches over the past few days Obama, Joe Biden and John Kerry are now placing the blame for Democrat woes in the upcoming mid term election on voters. Yes it is now the voters who are being blamed for Obama’s failures. In and interview with Rolling Stone Obama said it would be, “inexcusable,” for Democrat voters to sit out the mid term election and that,”People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up.” Of course the ,”lethargy,” has NOTHING to do with Democrat disillusionment with Obama and his failures. No according to Obama it is just because people are lazy and not fired up about him like they used to be.

Joe Biden hit the airways on Monday and said, “And so those who don’t get — didn’t get everything they wanted, it’s time to just buck up here, understand that we can make things better, continue to move forward and — but not yield the playing field to those folks who are against everything that we stand for in terms of the initiatives we put forward.” Or in other words just because we screwed everything up is no reason not to get out and vote us back into office so we can continue to fail. Again Biden like Obama is blaming Democrat voters for their woes.

Even Mr. Ketchup, John Kerry jumped on the blame the voter band wagon while making a speech in Boston. “We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening.” I have news for you Mr. Kerry, the reason you and your party are facing a massive defeat is BECAUSE the electorate is paying far more attention that they have in the past and voters DO NOT like what they see.

With only five week left before the mid term this desperate move by Obama and clan to blame voters for their problems will backfire on them just like the blame Bush, blame the GOP and blame John Boehner strategy which fell on well informed and angry voters who know where the blame belongs and who truly is at fault for the Nations woes, Obama and Democrats. If Obama and clan think that scolding disillusioned Democrats will bring them out in large numbers on November 2 to vote a failed Congress back into office, then as usual Obama is completely out of touch with the people. This scolding will discourage Democrat voters rather than energize them.

Fortunately the American people and especially those who will be voting in the mid term election understand who is at fault and where the blame for our Nations problems belong. So Barack, Joe and John keep on blaming everyone and everything for your troubles and continue to refuse to accept responsibility for your actions and your failures. We the people know the truth and on November 2, we the people will fire those who helped you place our Nation on the path of destruction it is currently on. We will being to take out country back and restore Constitutional principles to save our Republic.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth