Whatever Happens In November, We The People Must Stay In The Fight for America

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Wendell Phillips

The future of our Nation is hanging in the balance as we approach the mid term election on November 2. At stake is whether the socialist decline being orchestrated by Barack Obama and those who have voted with and in support of his agenda will be allowed to continue or whether we can uphold the principles of our Constitution by electing a new Congress that will stand for our liberties and our Republic.

Yet the decline that we have been so adamantly fighting against, as most who read this post already know, did not begin with the Presidency of Barack Obama. Obama and his leftist agenda have escalated the decline but he did not start it. It has been decades in the making and has resulted from the government administration of both parties with Democrats holding a lions share of the policy that caused the decline.

We have blamed Presidents, Representatives, Senators, Justices of The Supreme Court and countless others whether staffers or appointees who have been involved in our government. While their actions and their meddling in our governmental affairs whether foreign or domestic have been the direct cause of the decline to a more socialistic America, the true blame for the direction our Republic has taken falls on us, we the people.

For decades our complacency and lack of vigilance in holding those we elect to office accountable in every aspect of their service to us and our Nation has been almost nonexistent. In fact had it not been for the blatant actions of Obama and those who have supported his agenda and his total disregard for our Constitution and ignoring of the American people I dare say that the complacency of the people would still be evident and the referendum that is coming in the mid term election would not take place.

While we are witnessing the greatest failure of a Presidency in our nations history, the one success that I must credit Obama with, a success that is bettering our Nation in ways that no other President in modern history has done, is the fact that as a result of his actions the people are finally awakened to the danger our country is in and the decline it has taken with Obama and well before him. The complacency that allowed the election of someone as inept as is gone and the people are fighting back for our Nation and our future.

Our Constitutional Republic was instituted by our Founders to be a government of laws which is directly accountable and responsible to the people of The United States. Nothing can take place in our country unless it is with the consent of the people. The decades old decline toward a socialistic state did not come from the direct consent or permission of the people as all true Americans love freedom and would not consent to anything that will take that freedom away. We did not say, “here take our freedom and liberties away because we no longer want them.” Yet we find ourselves with a government that is over bearing which has taken away many of our liberties.

If we are a Nation whose government cannot move without the consent of the people and the people love and cherish liberty thus will not consent to anything which will take liberties away then how did this great falling away happen in a free Republic ? Simply put the lack of complete vigilance leading to a complacent citizenry allowed liberties to fall, government to grow and by proxy the people surrendered our true authority over government to those we elected and we granted our consent to what they did because we grew lazy and failed to hold them totally accountable.

We excused their action by thinking that every Representative was corrupt EXCEPT mine and we continued to elect Representatives who did not serve neither us or our Nation. We ignored Presidents who ignored the Constitution. We turned a blind eye to Senators who looked out for special interests and not the people. Until finally our laziness in fulfilling our Constitutional responsibility to hold those we elect accountable became second nature and we not longer recognized the danger and accepted an America with less freedom and damaged liberty.

We had moments during those decades when we momentarily woke up and paid attention to government. But they were fleeting and we allowed ourselves to be lulled back into our complacency and the temporary breath of freedom being restored slipped again into the full fledged decline to a socialistic state until that decline and our lack of vigilance created and allowed Barack Obama.

Now we are awake and we are fighting. We face a mid term election where voters are not only paying attention but are energized to make a difference and fight to take our country back from the brink of destruction. But the question begs to be asked, “is this another momentary awakening or a true and necessary vigilance that will last ?” If just momentary as has been the case in past awakenings, then even if we elect conservatives to Congress we will find ourselves back in the same boat again with a sinking ship of state taking our liberties down with it.

Remember we elected Ronald Reagan and went back to sleep during Bush 41 which gave us Clinton. We elected a conservative Congress in 1994 and went back to sleep not holding them accountable and Republicans began acting like Democrats. Our lack of vigilance allowed even a conservative Congress to fall to political greed, power and the pit falls of Washington politics which lead to a leftist Congressional take over for the sake of changing a failed Congress in 2006 and the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and the disastrous path we find ourselves currently on.

So once again we face a crossroads for the American people. We are fighting and we are taking our Nation back from the brink in November. But what to we do after November ? We do have an ideologue in The White House that will keep much of the vigilance in place until 2012 when we can replace him with a true leader and real President. But will our vigilance and fight end with the election of a new Congress this year and a new President in 2012? No it cannot and it must not.

While all elected officials take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, it is we the people who have the Constitutional responsibility to make sure that they stay true to their oath. In fact we the people have a greater responsibility to our Constitution than those we elect. They are elected to serve us and it is we the people who are the true authority of our Nation. They cannot do anything we do not allow them to do. We hire them and we fire them. If it is necessary to change members of the House every two years then it is our responsibility to do so and keep a strong vigilance on their every move. Senator and Presidents must be held equally accountable.

Some may ask,” how do we hold them to this accountability when they have the power ?” Thomas Jefferson said, “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. “ If those we elect fear the power and authority of the people then they are accountable. If we become complacent and lack vigilance then we surrender our authority to politicians and lose our liberties. Fear of the people is what is driving the mid term election and the panic by those who currently hold office.

We cannot surrender our authority again to those we elect to serve us. Out fight does not end on November 2, 2010 or November 6, 2012. If we truly want a Constitutional Republic where liberty reigns and government is accountable to the people then our fight must NEVER end. We must be eternally vigilant. We can never again become complacent or lazy in our responsibility as citizens, as Americans and as the true and sole Constitutional authority of this land we love and this Nation of, by and for the people.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth