" Danger, Danger, Will Robinson," Obama Failure Does Not Guarantee Victory In November

In the mid sixties a sci fi television series began called, “Lost in Space.” It was the story of the space family Robinson who through an overt act by Doctor Zachary Smith became lost in space and over three season tried to find their way back to Earth. On board the Jupiter 2 the Robinson’s had a robot who was their protector, defender and companion to son Will Robinson. Whenever danger approached the robot would flay his robotic arms and cry, “danger, danger Will Robinson.”

With the mid term election only weeks away and poll numbers showing a disaster for Democrats and failure in reality and in the eyes of the public for Barack Obama, bringing with it an almost certain change in majority status for the House and possibly the Senate. But in the back of my mind, I keep hearing the robot yelling the warning, “danger, danger Will Robinson.”

Every indicator is pointing toward a massive defeat for Democrats in November. In fact the polling numbers this year are far worse for Democrats than they were in 1994 when the GOP took the House and the Senate after 40 years of Democrat majorities. So with numbers like this why should danger signs be evident as the election approaches?

The reason is we are dealing with Democrats who are notorious for deception and will do anything, pulling out all the stops and lies in order to stem defeat and keep power. 1994 was a shock to Democrats and for the most part all of the pundits. The polls were showing a slight lead for the GOP but no one predicted the massive losses Democrats experienced during the 94 mid term.

Bill Clinton was President and though not extremely popular at the time, his poll numbers were not as low as those of Barack Obama. Even the generic poll for Congressional voting had the GOP up by 6 at it highest and 2 – 3 on an average which gave the idea that the November mid term of 1994 would be tight and not a massive defeat for Democrats as it became.

2010 is quite different. Obama is crashing with approval ratings staying in the low 40’s and could possibly be dipping into the thirties by November. Clinton averaged just below 50% as the 94 mid terms approached. Two recent generic Congressional polls, one by Gallup and the second by Rasmussen show a 10 and 12 point lead respectively for the GOP. So 2010 as compared to 1994 looks like a lock for the GOP and devastation for Democrats.

Yet I still hear, “danger, danger, Will Robinson.” And with good reason. In 1994 the numbers though good for the GOP were not as bad for Democrats as they are this year. So the anger which accompanied the voter rebellion against Democrats stayed focused since tighter polls were not a sign of sure victory. Of course I understand that in elections there is no such thing as a sure victory but polling is usually fairly close to the final result.

The problem we have this year as compared to 1994 is that polling is so bad for Democrats it can create a situation with voters can become almost over confidence of victory and as a result the anger and fight we have waged for nearly two years can fade. Additionally Democrats are panicking and are very capable of pulling the virtual political rabbit out of their hat at the last minute, which many call the, “October surprise,” that has been known to change the course of elections in the past.

So the danger lies in NOT letting our guard down just because the numbers in August several weeks before the election look so good and so promising. Obama is an ideologue who will do anything to stay in power. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are notorious liars who will say and do anything to hold onto the reigns and with an ideologue like Obama in The White House who sees it as his destiny to change the country into his own Marxist image and needing a Democrat majority to do so, they will stop at nothing and do anything it takes to hold on to power and the majority.

So fellow patriots, while the prospect of taking the majority away from Pelosi and Reid looks mighty good right now, do not drop your guard. We cannot let the fight we have waged go in vain nor can we waver in any respect in our goal of taking our country back and defeating the agenda of Barack Obama with a new Congress that stands for our Constitution and the principles which have made our Nation great.

Heed the warning of the robot. “Danger, danger Will Robinson,” November 2 is still several weeks away and we must stay in the fight until the last vote is cast and counted. Then even as we prevail in November we can never grow complacent again as we have been in the past. We must keep EVERY elected officials feet to the fire and hold them accountable at every turn. Fighting for our Republic in 2010, defeating Obama in 2012 and always showing those in Washington that they work for us and we the people are the true authority in our Nation.

Ken Taylor. The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

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