Victory In Iraq - Join Me In Celebrating Our Troops Since The President Won't

After seven years of deadly combat and sacrifice our tremendous troops are coming home from Iraq, victorious over an enemy whose ruthless tactics against our soldiers and civilians cost thousands of lives. But our best and bravest not only prevailed but are returning home in triumph.

While we mourn the 4415 who gave the last full measure of devotion in defending this Nation against the forces of evil who sought to destroy us, we also celebrate what they accomplished along with the thousands who are returning to us and being reunited with loved ones whose husbands, wives, mommies and daddies are finally coming home.

Where are the parades? Where are the signs of victory? Where are the flags waving and the crowds gathering to greet our returning warriors? Are these not happening because Americans have forgotten what our soldiers have achieved and why they sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom? Will another generation of soldiers return home without the honor of celebrating what they have done for our country?

I don’t believe the American people have forgotten nor do I believe that the people are neglecting the celebrations which should rightfully accompany the return of our soldiers as we celebrate with them the victory they have accomplished. I believe the reason for the lack of celebration for their victorious return is because their Commander in Chief has not only refused to declare victory, bur their withdrawal was treated as almost a secret as our troops left with little mention by the press and NO mention at all by the CIC since he was too busy vacationing, which seems to be his only goal in life and office.

In fact nearly two weeks after our troops left the field of battle Obama is finally going to make an Oval Office speech on Tuesday about Iraq and I can almost guarantee there will be no mention of victory since this is the President who plainly stated when asked about a winning strategy in Afghanistan that it was not his, “goal to win.” So we will hear a speech filled with platitudes and moments when he will take undue credit for what our soldiers and his predecessor George Bush accomplished.

Since the Commander in Chief does not consider victory a goal nor winning a strategy which goes against the instinct and training of every soldier since our country began, then fellow patriots and American it is up to each of us to declare victory and to celebrate our troops and what they have done for our country and for each of us to keep us free.

When our best and bravest left us and entered combat in the Iraqi theatre of war, a ruthless dictator, Saddam Hussein ruled the country. Al Qaeda had a free hand to do whatever they pleased especially in northern Iraq. The people of that Nation were enslaved with thousands killed randomly because they either disagreed with the dictator or were from a different tribe or political persuasion than that of Hussein and his ruling Baath Party.

Today Saddam Hussein is dead and the cruel influence that those like him had over the country will never return because thanks to the tremendous job our solders did in liberating Iraq, the people of the Nation have tasted freedom and will never give it up again. They have had the opportunity to vote as free citizens and despite early threats proudly wore the sign of the purple finger to display their love of freedom and their desire to remain free.

Al Qaeda whose presence was once an overwhelming force against the people of Iraq is almost non-existent in the country and no longer has any influence over the people and the direction in which the country will take in the future. They still claim the few attacks which take place from time to time but a security force which owes its existence and ability to defend Iraq and Iraqis to the abilities and expertise of the leadership and training provided by Americas finest can now handle any unrest or problem which the country faces.

The dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein and the murderous reign of Al Qaeda are gone because of the victory of our great soldiers who have left Iraq a free nation and the people of Iraq working together to build a society which benefits all Iraqis and not just a privileged few as before. All of this was made possible , not by Barack Obama nor Joe Biden who are now trying to take credit for this tremendous accomplishment but by the blood sweat and sacrifice of our wonderful men and women in uniform and the leadership of George Bush.

Now our troops are returning home in victory. It is up to us to celebrate them and what they have done. It is up to us to take every opportunity whether a personal hand shake or pat on the back when we see one of our victorious soldiers, to say thank you for defending our Nation and standing for freedom when their country called.

I know that most if not everyone who reads this post already feel as I do and thank our troops at every opportunity. I know that each of you understand the sacrifice they have made for us and appreciate what they have done and the service they have so unselfishly given to our Nation. But the time has come for us to fill the gap which is so wrongly and blatantly left open by the failure of the current administration and Commander in Chief in not only declaring victory but celebrating the return of our triumphant troops.

Take a moment to first thank God for their safe return and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. If you have the ability to organize a celebration whether for your town or city or even the block you live on who has a returning warrior then do so even if it is you and a few neighbors who live next to a returning hero. Fly the flag and post sings to welcome them home. Even if a solder does not live on your block, one may drive by and see your appreciation.

If you live near an airport where our soldiers are flying home even if it is only one, take a few moments to meet the plane and shake their hand to welcome them home in victory. Those who sit in the Oval Office have chosen to ignore our returning warriors but we the people cannot and must not allow these fine and brave Americans to return home without celebration or thanksgiving for their sacrifice and their victory.

Each of them deserve our thanks and whether they are related to us or not because of what they have done to defend us they are our family. They are the best of our American family and they are coming home after achieving victory, defending freedom and protecting our Nation from harm. They are the greatness of America and we the people of The United States thank our soldiers for standing for freedom and protecting us from harm defending our Nation.

Welcome home victorious soldiers and we the people celebrate what you have done and who you are. Thank God for you and for returning you home safely to us. God bless each of you, God bless the memory of those who sacrificed all and God bless the America that each of you fought to defend.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

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