If GOP Ran Car In Ditch, Dems Took It Out And Drove It Over A Cliff

I have had it listening to Obama and Democrats use the stupid analogy in the lead up to the fall election that Republicans want the keys to the car back but they can’t have them because they drove it in the ditch and Democrats have taken the car out of the ditch by their so called successful economic policy.

This is political spin at its worst. The fact is if the GOP put the car in the ditch then Democrats have taken it out of the ditch and driven it over the edge of a cliff. They seem to forget that THEY more than tripled the deficit. THEY increased unemployment, THEY borrowed and spent trillions of dollars on wasted stimulus and pork barrel projects and THEY not the GOP own this failing economy.

This strategy by Obama and Democrats to paint a rosy picture of their failure and blame Bush and the GOP for the massive financial mess they created and irresponsibly presided over is not only deceptive but an out and out lie. Sure the GOP and Bush were not the greatest fiscally disciplined managers of our spending and our economy. But facts are facts and spin is spin.

First Democrats held the purse strings the last two years of the Bush administration. The deficit was on the decline prior to a Democrat majority then it began an upswing until Bush left office at the beginning of 2009 leaving a projected 2009 deficit of $464 billion dollars. Within weeks of taking office Obama exploded that deficit to 1.2 trillion dollars and his projected budget deficit through fiscal year 2013 has trillion dollar figures with no end or real decrease in sight.

If the GOP spent like a drunken sailor then Democrats have spent like a fleet of drunken sailors. Thankfully voters for the most part are not buying into this deceptive spin by Obama and Democrats. Most polling show the American people blame Obama and the Democrat lead Congress for our financial woes and understand that after 20 months in office this economy and all of its failures belong to Obama and his party and the blame game they are using is not working.

While I believe the GOP has learned their lesson and will be far more fiscally responsible than the last several years of their majority and if given the governmental reigns again in November will better govern then before, IF I had to choose between a car in a ditch which with work can be placed back on the road or a car driven off a cliff plunging to certain doom, I’ll choose the car in the ditch any time.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

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