Is The Mosque Being Used As A Distraction

The very justified controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque is dominating headlines and news programs from all venues. On the one side there is conservative talk radio, conservative blogs and Fox News who are voicing the opposition of the people to the Mosque. On the other side there is the typical MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS who are courting the usual politically correct suspects and condemning anyone who opposes the Mosque as racists and anti – Muslim.

Now Nancy Pelosi steps in with her idiotic fanfare calling for investigations claiming that those who oppose the Mosque are part of a vast highly funded right wing conspiracy. After all in her feeble liberal mind anyone who disagrees with her and her left wing ideology MUST be funded by evil right wingers because the American people do not have the intelligence to think for themselves. That’s why she exists, again in her mind, to tell the people what to think.

While the Mosque is an important issue and the building of it though legal in accordance to the Constitutional principle of freedom of religion but just NOT at Ground Zero, has it become or is it being being used by the left as a distraction to take voters thoughts off of the issues that will decide the election. Namely the leftist agenda they have legislated and Obama is still pushing which is taking our country down the tubes.

Obama is touring the country raising funds for Democrat candidates and he is not talking about the Mosque, although he has already stuck his foot in his mouth over it. Yet his campaign stops have been almost treated as an after thought since the Mosque became headline news nearly two weeks ago. Is this distracting to the point that many are forgetting the message and agenda of Obama which is why Democrats are on the verge of losing Majority status ?

Don’t get me wrong, I like most of you am angered about the Mosque’s location. While legal there is a sensitivity factor for our country and especially the memories of those who perished and the families they left behind. But though important it cannot be allowed by the left or the right to dominate the issues so much that the problems of unemployment, a failing economy, deficits, debt and an exploding government along with a failed foreign policy all at the hands of an ever greedy Obama be allowed to fade into the back ground because of the emotion of the Mosque.

The left knows they are in trouble and will use anything for political means to get American minds off the major issues and distract them until November in order to deceive them once again into voting for their failed agenda and ideology. The right whose anger over this is justified, if not careful will get so caught up in the Mosque issue that the fight to take our country back from the progressive leftist agenda could fall short come November. I have had to personally take a step back and look at this very problem in my own blog and that is why I write this post.

We can stand strong against the Mosque and for the memories of the fallen and their families while still fighting the agenda which is destroying our country. We must not allow the left to use this as a political football distracting Americans from the issues that truly decide elections. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey referred to this and refused to get into the fray in order to prevent being drawn into it for political reasons.

We must oppose the Mosque for all of the right reasons but it cannot become a political liability which distracts Americans from the issues that are destroying our country or the people from Obama on down whose agenda of destruction is taking our country down a path it was never intended to take. We cannot allow the left to detour our fight by looking like compassionate freedom of religion supporters, ( an issue in which they have consistently been on the wrong side), by condemning we who understand what the Mosque represents and using it as a political distraction to their failed agenda and attempt to rebuild our country in Obama’s image.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

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