Obama Embraces Mosque, Spits On The Constitution And The People

The primary responsibility of The President of The United States is to, “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.” A responsibility that Barack Obama not only has neglected but constantly uses the office which he holds to trample on the Constitution rather than fulfill his oath to ,”preserve, protect and defend.”

The latest offense to the Constitution and to the people of our Nation involves the Mosque that is being planned for construction near the sight of the former World Trade Center. A sight that we all understand is sacred ground to Americans where nearly 3,000 perished as a result of the cowardly attacks by Islamic murderers on September 11, 2001.

Obviously Barack Obama not only does not accept nor understand how sacred this ground is to Americans but he also does not understand or refuses to accept his Constitutional responsibility to stay out of the situation. But rather has chosen to not only express his thoughts about the Mosque but embrace it and endorse it during a White House dinner celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Obama stated at the dinner in reference to the Mosque that, “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.” The right to religious freedom for Muslims is true but their is also a responsibility of any religion for the sensitivities and rights of not only other religions but the people of this country and building a Mosque next to the hollowed ground of Ground Zero tramples on those sensitivities and insults the memory of those who perished.

But setting all of the emotions over this Mosque aside Obama, who through Robert Gibbs only last week stated that he was not going to comment about the Mosque because he did not want to, “get involved in local decision-making,” not only got involved but by his remarks and embracing of the Mosque used the Presidency to officially sanction a religion and a religious building which violates the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The Establishment Clause was placed in the Constitution by our Founders to insure that religious freedom would be a protected right of the people, but the Clause also established that the government would not legislate or establish any form of state church or officially sanction the activities or practices of any religion thus keeping the government from involvement in the religious beliefs and practices of the people.

The Establishment Clause does not eliminate God from government but prevents government from dictating how the people worship or choose not to worship their God and prevents the government from interfering in any matters of religion or the peoples right and ability to practice or not practice their religion.

The left and those who have sought to eliminate God from our Nation have used the term, “separation of church and state, ” as the off handed reference to the Establishment Clause which twists the intent of the Clause to meet the political desire to eliminate God from our Nation which was not the intent of the Founders when writing religious freedom as part of the First Amendment. The phrase was first used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter written in 1802 in response to a plea by the Danbury Baptist Association complaining that in their state religious liberty was not treated as a right but as legislative favors granted.

Jefferson took several months to answer their letter so that he was sure to express that because of the Establishment Clause he as President could not do anything that might be misconstrued as the establishment of religion by the government or the Chief Executive of the government. Thus in his letter he conveyed his sincere respect for the problem but he as President could not get involved. Those seeking to eliminate God from our nation have used his chosen words, “separation of church and state,” to make it seem that the Constitution states this rather than just protecting religious freedom which is the case.

Jefferson understood that as President if he had expressed his thoughts toward the plea of the Danbury Baptists one way or the other that because of his position as Chief Executive it would be considered an officially sanction of a particular religion by the government which violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution and it was not his place Constitutionally to get involved with local religious matters.

Obama has ignored not only the wisdom of Jefferson but the intent and principle of the Constitution in not allowing government to be involved in matters of religion. As the representative of the government Obama’s statement supporting the building of the Mosque placed him in the position of officially backing a particular religious activity thus violating the Constitution and the sanctioning of Islam by the government.

Whatever his personal opinion concerning the Mosque is between he and his conscience but when as President he expresses that opinion in favor of building the Mosque and endorsing a religious activity as he has it becomes a problem for the people and faces the strict scrutiny and principles of his Constitutional responsibilities and the fulfilling of the same.

Had he publicly remained neutral as Gibbs expressed on Obama’s behalf last week while the insensitivity and problem of the Mosque’s location would have still been a matter which angered most Americans it would not have had an official Presidential endorsement which it has now. It would not have brought a violation of the Constitution as it has now and it would not have shown an official government sanction of Islam as it has now.

Obama has no respect for the Constitution of The United States and since the Constitution is the people and the people are the Constitution he in like manner has no respect for the citizens of our Nation. He has shown this total disrespect time and again and has proven his distaste for the Constitution in his actions and his words from day one of taking office. The endorsing of the Mosque takes his ignoring and violating of the Constitution to a new level as Obama now seeks to make Islam the state religion of our country.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth

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