Obama Says This Post Is Bush's Fault

I was born during the administration of Eisenhower. I have lived during the administration of eleven Presidents. When I became eligible to vote at the age of eighteen my first Presidential vote was cast for Ford and I have voted for Reagan twice, Bush 41 and Bush 43 twice voting for a total of four Presidents. In my lifetime there has NEVER been a President who spent more time or as long blaming his predecessor as Barack Obama.

Every President takes a few jabs at his predecessor after moving into the Oval Office. But those jabs usually end soon after becoming President as the occupant of the White House takes responsibility for the job and all of the actions and consequences associated with it. But not Barack Obama.

The economy is all Bush’s fault even though when taking office Obama inherited a $464 billion dollar 2009 deficit and quickly blew that into a $1.7 trillion dollar nightmare with trillion dollar deficits extending well past Obama’s first and only term as President because of HIS agenda. But never bother Obama with the facts because after all it is Bush’s fault.

Afghanistan is Bush’s fault even though soon after taking office Obama changed the rules of engagement which has severely hampered the ability of our soldiers to fight and placed them in far more danger since they cannot fire until fired upon first. Never mind that since taking office we have experienced more casualties under Obama in Afghanistan then under Bush but again these are facts and they matter little to Obama since it is Bush’s fault.

Now as we approach the all important mid term election and Democrats are looking to get their tails handed to them on a silver platter losing the House and possibly the Senate, Obama is hitting the campaign trail and campaigning against Bush because all of the woes of the Nation are Bush’s fault.

Never mind that unemployment has exploded under Obama and the stimulus which was pushed through in undue haste because according to Obama the economy would crash without it, has actually been a major factor in creating the unemployment situation rather than reducing it as promised. But again these are facts and they do not matter because it is Bush’s fault.

Barack Obama has been in office for more than eighteen months and still refuses to take responsibility for anything he does or the situations that our Nation faces but rather at every opportunity continues to blame Bush for any and everything. I understand Bo Obama pooped on The White House lawn the other day and Obama blamed it on Bush.

Fortunately the American people are no longer buying into the blame Bush policy of both Obama and the Democrat leadership. Polls are showing that the majority of Americans when questioned about the economy, Afghanistan, unemployment and a myriad of other problems our Nation faces place the responsibility and the blame on Obama rather than Bush. The people understand who is truly at fault yet these too are facts and they do not matter to Obama because it is Bush’s fault that the people don’t see that it is Bush’s fault.

To Barack Obama I ask this question, “at what point, if ever, will you take responsibility for your actions, your economy and your failed policy and decisions?” My guess is that day will never come because after all it’s not Obama’s fault that he refuses to take responsibility for anything because Bush made him refuse to and that makes even the failure to take responsibility Bush’s fault.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth