Obamas Are Selfish Arrogant Elitists Not Caring And Compassionate As Claimed

I have had all I can take of listening to Barack and Michelle Obama stand in front of cameras claiming they care about the plight of the American people. I have had it with the spin that these two elitist hypocrites are just average compassionate, caring family people just like everyday Americans. I have had it with hearing either Obama in interview after interview lie as they claim they understand what average Americans are, “going through,” because they have been there and still deal with similar problems as the people.

Barack and Michelle Obama are nothing more than elitists who use the Presidency as their personal stage for celebrity, lavish parties and extravagant trips in which tax payers who ARE average Americans foot the bill for the Obama excess. At every turn these elitists take advantage of the prestige of the Presidency to mingle with stars and cruise destinations which only the rich and famous can afford using tax payer monies to cover their expenses.

I am sure that some of this extravagance when on their almost weekly vacation jaunts actually come out of their own pocket, but the massive entourage which far exceeds that of any other President and the weekly parties which also exceed that of other Presidents are paid for by tax payers. All to satisfy the lustful elitist appetite of Barack and Michelle Obama.

The main stream press drools over the celebrity rock star status of the Obama’s they helped create so it is not surprising that the condemnation this same press expressed when the Reagan’s and the Bush’s took vacation trips to their respective ranches does not exist over the elitist extravagance of the Obama’s

Whenever the ridiculous extravagance of the Obama’s is discussed on the web or talking head shows some leftist defender with inevitably bring up the vacation trips of George Bush or Ronald Reagan and try and compare those to the trips of the Obama’s. Totally neglecting the fact that both Reagan and Bush when on vacation traveled to their personal ranch which cost the tax payers nothing more than the plane trip to and from either California for Reagan or Texas for Bush.

A weekend retreat for the Reagan’s or Bush’s consisted of a short helicopter ride to Camp David which is only minutes by air from The White House. These same leftist defenders of the Obama extravagance try to condemn the, “spending,” of Nancy Reagan especially since the flak of Michelle Obama’s Spain trip has been in the news. Again neglecting the fact that first, Nancy Reagan’s, “spending, ” was on much needed repairs and refurbishing of The White House and not on personal vacation trips with dozens of friends and Mrs. Reagan used personal money and private donated funding to pay for the White House make over compared to tax payer coffers which cover Michelle Obama’s trips.

Contrast the weekend trips of both the Reagan’s and the Bush’s to Camp David with the Obama trips to Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Chicago and date nights in New York City. The Obama’s make these trips almost monthly seldom spending a weekend in The White House which was the practice of both the Reagan’s and the Bush’s.

So the leftist attempt to defend the Obama’s by trying to claim that either the Reagan’s or the Bush’s were, “equally,” extravagant are unfounded and factually false. There is no defense for the way the Obama’s have used the Presidency to place themselves above the American people and create an extravagant life style which compares to that of monarchy’s around the world.

In a time when Americans are struggling everyday just to survive in an economy of Obama’s creation, Barack and Michelle while talking a game of compassion and caring for the plight of the people, in reality thumb their elitist nose at the American people while using our hard earned money which is sent to government coffers through excessive taxation as their ticket to stardom and extravagant vacations, golf excursions and weekends at Martha’s Vineyard the play ground for the rich who they publicly condemn.

The recent trip by Michelle to Spain is just one in along line of similar elitist extravagances that the Obama’s have flashed in the face of Americans who if we are lucky enough can only afford a vacation which consists of taking time off work and maybe visit family but most likely staying at home to save money which is needed to cover daily living expenses. Yet the Obama’s lie to us by saying they understand what we are ,” going through.” When in fact they can no more identify with average Americans than a snake can identify with an elephant.

The Obama’s do not understand what Americans are experiencing and their actions prove that they could truly care less what the people of this country are going through. If they actually cared as they claim they would not constantly throw their chosen elitist life style in our faces as they do and at least try to not spend us into bankruptcy as a Nation. So their supposed, “compassion,” is nothing more than an elitist lie and a political ploy to feign caring in order to deceive Americans who are stupid enough to believe their lies into supporting their agenda of national bankruptcy.

This hypocrisy and arrogance surrounds the Obama’s not only in their life style but in Obama’s policy as President. Their arrogance in openly displaying their ridiculous extravagance mirrors the arrogance which allows Barack Obama to always ignore the American people as he pushes his agenda and legislation which Americans do not want while taking the country in a direction in total contrast to the Founders and the will of the people. It is absolutely obvious that Barack and Michelle Obama do not care and they throw their lack of caring in our face with their elitist extravagance!

The Obama’s see themselves as royalty. They act and believe that they are better than most and their arrogance proves it. Photo ops showing Barack Obama eating a hot dog or drinking a beer at a local bar are nothing more than campaign stops for an elitist who is a professional campaigner. It would not surprise me when the true history of Obama’s reign is revealed to find out that both Barack and Michelle sought sanitizers to cleanse their elitist selves after having to mingle with Americans they truly believe are beneath them.

In the Obama’s mind we the people are an inconvenience associated with their position. They do not accept the Constitutional truth that they work for us and we EXPECT a first family to care about the people and not flaunt in our face an elitist arrogant attitude and life style. So they will continue to lie to us about their, “caring,” and will continue to take extravagant trips and frequent vacations. They will throw many more celebrity parties and spend millions of tax payer dollars to satisfy their elitist habit until we the people exercise our authority and kick their royal tails out of The White House in 2012.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth