Obama Staying Away From Mid Terms Won't Stop A Liberal Defeat

The hands on get in your face President is backing off as we approach the all important mid term election in November. Just a few days ago The White House announced that Obama would be less visible over the next months but gave no explanation as to why. Which in itself is rather odd for the high profile Obama who basks in the light of the camera and the,” glory,” of his own perceived idea of his importance.

But as the mid terms are getting closer and the Democrats are seeing the hand writing on the wall of a major defeat coming their way in November, the high profile Obama is becoming less and less popular with candidates who are facing extremely difficult challenges in their Congressional Districts and Senate races. So Obama told a group of Democrat law makers who are facing tough challenges that they may not even want him to campaign for them.

Many Democrats who have backed Obama emphatically since he took office are now hypocritically running away from him. Not so much because they disagree with his agenda but rather as November approaches and they are forced to face the people they see that his agenda has angered voters so they are creating the illusion of a candidate trying to get re-elected who opposes Obama rather then embracing him.

This deception of distance from Obama even with his blessing shows just how out of touch Democrats and Obama especially are from the will of the people and how stupid they think we are. Democrats have rallied consistently with Obama against the will of the people for eighteen months and they actually believe that if they pretend to feign disappointment in his agenda which they supported, while campaigning for re-election that the people are dumb enough to forget their total support of the agenda when each of his legislative initiatives passed overwhelmingly by Democrats.

Now they want to pretend that they had nothing to do with the disaster that Obama has created and even he is encouraging them to distance themselves in order to try and deceive voters into thinking that the Democrat majority and individual Representatives were innocent of assisting in the disastrous policy that has angered the people and taken our Nation down the destructive path it has followed since Obama took office.

Democrats have traditionally tried to act more conservative when election time has come in order to deceive voters into believing that they did not follow or believe in the liberal ideology that is less popular with the people. In the past this deception has worked as voters have bought into the conservative act that Democrats have put on in order to win an election.

This year they have a major problem with trying to pretend to be more conservative than liberal. Democrats have a disastrous legislative record at the hands of Obama which has not just angered the people but caused a great awakening of the people who are paying attention to what is happening in Washington much more than in the past. As a result average Americans are much more politically savvy and are not as easily deceived by the usual Democrat lie feigning conservatism just to get votes.

As Democrats face the voters they are going to have to answer to the people concerning their support of Obama’s agenda and the people are demanding answers. Americans who have traditionally only followed the political process in the days or maybe few weeks before an election are a minority and candidates are facing a much more involved and informed electorate who are not going to just take their word for it anymore. So feigning conservatism and distancing themselves from Obama just to win votes will not work this time.

There are many Republicans who will be facing the same problem. Not so much because they have supported Obama but because of the well informed electorate, voters are also awakened to the actions of RINOS who are running for re-election and they too will not be able to feign conservatism just because they have an, “R,” behind their name in order to win a vote. Their record in Washington will precede them and voters will decide on that record rather than the usual campaign rhetoric.

On the Democrat side whether Obama will be able to take a back seat and a lower profile remains to be seen. This is a person who loves the spotlight and has to have his hand in everything. His suggestion to Democrats that he will do anything they need to keep majorities in the House and Senate even if is means not campaigning for Democrat candidates will be a hard pill to swallow for the ever present Obama. In many States and Districts Obama’s continually falling popularity is as much a negative for voters as the record of the candidate who is running for re-election. But whether or not the egotistical Obama can stay out of the picture is questionable.

Either way incumbents especially Democrats and RINOS face an extremely tough battle for re-election this fall. Democrats will not be able to run away from the Obama, Pelosi, Reid legislative agenda which has damaged our country. RINOS will not be able to convince conservatives that their ,”experience,” is a plus as they have in the past. Voters are awake and paying attention this year as never before in my lifetime. Deceptions of the past will not turn the political tide as it has in mid terms of the past.

This year a sitting President has coat tails unlike those of any other sitting President. Coat tails are usually based on the popularity of a President and that popularity can give momentum to candidates of that Presidents party or candidates he supports. This year Obama’s coat tails because of his disastrous agenda, the anger of the people and the awakening of the people will provide such a negative whether he campaigns or not, that candidates who supported him will find themselves in the unemployment line come November no matter how they campaign.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth