No Outrage Over Ground Zero Mosque Because Muslim Is The New PC

A Muslim Mosque next to Ground Zero? When I first heard of this several weeks ago I thought the outrage of even considering this would be so great that nothing would come of it. Yet not only has the city of New York given zoning passage for this ultimate insult to the memory of those who perished on 9/11 but the city government from the Mayor on down are defending the building of what will become a shrine to an Islamic triumph and worshipped by millions around the world as a monument to the death of Americans and a Muslim victory over America.

Except for the conservative media this story is either being ignored or buried so deep that I have realized that most Americans are not even aware that a Mosque is in the process of becoming a reality next to the sacred ground of Ground Zero. Is this because America has forgotten our National anger and sorrow when the planes destroyed The World Trade Center or is it because the PC crowd is so entrenched in our Nation that Muslim is the new PC and nothing can even be considered that in the slightest way might offend them.

I think it is a combination of both. Americans have a short memory and unfortunately even an event as devastating and terrible as 9/11 becomes further removed the country as a whole has the ability to forget National tragedy and go on with life. To a certain emotional extent this is good except that tragic events such as 9/11 become a foot note in peoples minds and the resolve to avenge the deaths of those killed becomes much less and our vigilance lessons as time heals the pain of the tragedy.

The PC crowd however is a completely different story. Political correctness could be the death blow to our Nation because of politicians who are afraid to make any type of stand since it may cost them a vote or anger even one constituent especially if that constituent is a liberal. Politicians have no problem angering conservatives because we do at least understand the issues and we think through out political decisions. As a result whether they are PC or not matters little because our decision is based on our core beliefs and our understanding of the issue because we have sought to understand it.

Liberals are just the opposite. They act on their emotion of the moment and follow whoever is showing the issue of the moment. They jump on a ,”cause,” because everyone else they know does and follow whoever happens to champion that cause today and then follow whoever champions the next cause tomorrow. Their collective memory lasts as long as the cause of the moment or as long as a liberal politician keeps the kettle stirred which is why liberals are so politically correct so as not to offend anyone or stand against anything which may cost them a vote.

The combination of the time which has passed since 9/11 and the liberal PC crowd has brought about the result of allowing the Mosque being built next to Ground Zero to proceed as it has. The Town Halls where the anger of the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 have been expressed have be virtually ignored and most Americans are likely not even aware that this aborition is well on its way to becoming a reality next to the site of the Trade Center.

Additionally most Americans have no understanding that this will become a shrine to the Muslim world since it is their practice to build a Mosque at the location of what they consider a victory for Islam so that it may become a place of worship and a monument to Islamic triumph over infidels. In fact even during the coverage that is taking place this fact is not mentioned much which in itself becomes a tragedy.

If the situation was reversed and a Catholic or Protestant church was even considering building at or near the sight of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, not only would the people rise and resist but the Saudi government would throw those who wanted to build on their holy sight our of the country. That is even if the practice of either religion was allowed in the country at all. Of course I am not suggesting that we disallow the practice of the Muslim religion in The United States but we do not have to cow down just because of fear that they might be offended if we take a principled stand.

Nothing changes the fact that every killer who flew the planes that hit The World Trade Center, the Pentagon and crashed in Shanksville PA were Muslims. Nor the fact that those who planned 9/11 and supported it were also Muslim. Nor the thousands of American soldiers who have sacrificed their lives fighting for this country in the war that ensued after 9/11 have died at the hands of Muslims. Yet New York City the sight of the worst action taken by Muslims on 9/11 is not even hedging at allowing a Mosque commemorating the Islamic destruction of The World Trade Center to be built next to the sacred ground.

Would Honolulu have allowed a Shinto shrine to be built next to Pearl Harbor in 1951? Not likely. Yet New York has allowed the building of a Mosque next to Ground Zero to pass all the requirements necessary and City officials are defending its building and as usual not a word is being said from Obama’s administration since the defense of everything Muslim is the practice regardless of the consequences or the ramifications.

This administration has tried to hide the fact that even the latest terrorist attacks in out country were of Muslim origin. The Christmas Day bomber, the Fort Hood murderer and the Times Square bomber were all Muslim and were actions planned and supported by Muslim clerics who work hand in hand with Al Qaeda and seek the destruction of America and the killing of Americans. So the silence from the White House is no surprise.

So thanks to PC and the official position of favoring all things Muslim by the current administration the Mosque next to Ground Zero is likely to become a reality. The anger of the families of 9/11 are having no impact. The outrage of the few in the Nation who even know about it because of the lack of coverage is having no impact. The PC, “news,” networks and newspapers are not going to give this story the coverage it deserves in order to inform the country of this insult. So the outrage by the country as a whole will not come about and even if it did the PC crowd and the Obama administration will do as they always have and ignore the people.

The terrorists who flew the planes on 9/11 worshipped at a Mosque in New York City. Now unless something drastic forces a change, Muslims will have a shrine to worship next to the sight where these murderers who Islam considers heroes killed 2726 innocent people in an unprovoked attack against our country. This will become a new Mecca for Islam and will likely breed new home grown killers who could well be the next 9/11 murderers in the name of Allah. But who cares since Muslims will not be offended by being denied their Mosque and their shrine to their 9/11 triumph.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth