Obama Hates America And Americans

There are many harsh words in the English language that are descriptive in nature yet are not considered vulgar and one of those is hate. Whenever hate is attached to a person or a thing it is because the individual who uses the word or whose actions fulfill the definition of the word have an utter disdain and disgust for the person or thing in which the word is directed.

As an American it does not come as an easy task in accepting the we have a President of The United States who is supposed to be the international representative of our country and our people, who hates we who he represents and the Nation he has the responsibility to lead. But Barack Obama’s actions toward the people and our country are those of an individual who hates both.

From the moment he took office he has shown a complete disdain toward everything that traditionally is America. He tours the world telling world leaders that our country is arrogant and is the source of all the worlds problems then apologizes at every opportunity for who we are as a Nation and what we stand for in freedom and prosperity.

Every initiative that he has pushed whether health care or financial reform seeks to not only destroy what America is and reshape it into something that it was never meant to be but the very people who through his initiatives he claims to be helping are actually punished by those initiatives and enslaved to the government whether individuals or business.

He shows his hatred for our military by tying their hands with rules of engagement that endanger their lives. Rather than sending assistance in the numbers which commanders see as necessary to win the war, he decreases the numbers asked for and sends reinforcements slowly which defeats the purpose for increasing our presence and having an overwhelming force to win. Of course he has already admitted that winning a war is not his goal so this too comes as no surprise.

The Gulf of Mexico and our Nation is facing the greatest environmental disaster in history and instead of pulling out all of the stops to face the problem and deal with the situation he has done as little as possible to clean up the mess. Whenever someone on the local or state level has taken the initiative to try and clean up the Gulf, Obama has allowed the federal government to hamper every effort made by regulation or some other bureaucratic nightmare.

He claims to be working tireless in addressing the need of millions of Americans who have lost their job yet every financial initiative he has pushed from the stimulus to the financial reform bill punishes private business through over regulation, taxes and government interference to the point that a business either eliminates jobs to cut costs or freezes hiring our of fear as to just how much the government will take from business and cut into profits which are necessary for job creation and growth.

Obama talks of fiscal responsibility but is in actuality is the most fiscally irresponsible President in our Nations history as deficits, spending and debt have climbed to levels never dreamt of in the past and are unsustainable. Yet Obama ignores the reality and seeks more spending and greater deficits to the detriment of our children and the eventual bankruptcy of our country.

He appeases our enemies and insults our friends like Israel. He says he cares and understands the hardships that Americans are facing while playing golf every other day and vacationing more than any of his predecessors have to this point in their term. Three of those vacations have take place since the Gulf oil spill began and not one in the Region he claims to care so much for. On this last jaunt to Maine he had no qualms about using tax payer money to fly his dog Bo on a special jet to meet the family who had already arrived in Maine.

He whines that he wants a united American yet his every move seeks division and both he and his wife use the race card for political gain seeking to divide our Nation racially at every opportunity. His silence on extremely controversial issues such as the DOJ dismissed case of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party and the resolution by the NAACP against the Tea Party movement reinforces the racial divide and as a result embraces it.

When members of his own party make charges of racism against average American who are doing nothing more than exercising their Constitutional right to dissent with the government Obama’s silence is loudly proclaiming he agrees with the false accusations. He uses race and his own ethnicity as a political tool to try and silence any opposition to his agenda as racially motivated because he happens to be a black President rather than facing the true meaning of the opposition being anger and disagreement with the direction he is taking our country and the impact of his socialist policy.

His use of race as a political tool ONLY for his political advantage with no merit or evidence in the accusations made only breeds hate and divisiveness among the people. Creating racial problems in our Nation that we had come a long way in overcoming and grown past after much sacrifice and work from true civil rights pioneers who fought to bring equality in the races.

These are the actions of a man who hates what America is and hates Americans especially those who do not conform to his ideal of American as a second class Nation on an equal footing with the rest of the world. Anything he cannot control through government he seeks to destroy in order to gain that control. Anyone who stands in his way in opposition he seeks to demonize as racist in order to divide the people and place them against one another for his political gain.

Someone who loves their country and the American people would not seek to destroy the very principles that we have followed since our birth and use political means to breed hatred among the people. Someone who loves their country would not apologize for her or portray Americans as arrogant and callus to the world and its leaders.

Hate is a harsh and bitter word whose meaning is a bitter pill to swallow. Yet Barack Obama the man who claimed to be full of compassion and hope on the campaign trail has proven to be a President who passionately hates everything we as a people and we as a Nation stand for. By dividing us he forces his hatred of us to us and it breeds like a cancer. His hatred of our country is his political motivation to destroy the Republic our Founders deemed to the people and rebuild it in his own Marxist ideology and fashion.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth