Mr. Obama, Liberty Will Reign In America

I have always been one who tends to be bit emotional during the celebration of Independence Day. When I watch the patriotism, the flag waving and listen to the stirring sounds of our National Anthem, Stars and Stripes Forever and God Bless America I cannot help but shed a tear of pride as the emotion of love for my country swells within my chest.

This year though it seemed that this emotion was more than usual. The tears of pride that usually were momentary during certain patriotic happenings were nearly always just below the surface throughout the weekend as everything left me chocked up. It was not until I visited with my son who has just become a father and I held my new grand daughter that I realized why I was more chocked up that usual.

I realized that the freedom and liberty that our Founders so bravely and selflessly fought for to create this Nation are not only being threatened in ways never before known in America but if we who understand that threat do not stand as our Founders did 234 years ago, my son and especially my precious little grand daughter will not know the freedom that even I have experienced in my life time.

Abraham Lincoln once stated that, ” if destruction be our lot, ” as a Nation then it would not come from some foreign power but from within. We are seeing that destruction taking place at the hands of a Presidential administration who has no regard for the people, our Constitution and the principles that were set forth by our Founders when we declared Independence in July of 1776.

As I read once again the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence I realized that many of the grievances that our Founders had with King George we face again today with Barack Obama and the alliance he has with the Congress that passes everything he puts forth without regard to consequence or Constitutional muster.

Obama’s agenda and many of the moves he makes which do not require Congress threaten our liberties as the abuses of King George threatened those who gathered in Philadelphia during the summer of 1776. We face legislative initiatives which tax us and enslave us to government without regard to the will of the people and whose sole purpose is to control some aspect of our life denying us the freedom to make choices that reflect our conscience or ability to provide for our families.

We face threats to our freedom to speak as we see constant accusation to any of us who raise our voice in opposition to the administration as patriots are threatened with law suites, and called everything from Nazi to anti-American simply for dissenting against the current regime and its alliance of socialism which threatens our liberties and our Republic.

We see the ability of the press being hampered in reporting the greatest environmental threat and government failure in our history as fines and imprisonment are given if reporters come within 65 feet of anything concerning the Gulf oil spill. Not a safety precaution but a deliberate suspension of the First Amendment to prevent the country from seeing just how badly this administration has failed in handling the massive problem.

Even as Americans are making it known that we will not stand for this threat to our Nation and come November by our vote we will remove this liberty stealing Congress from power and tie the hands of their equally thieving President, Democrats have talked of using the lame duck session in December as a means of forcing through more unconstitutional measures such as card check and cap and trade since those who lose in November will no longer need concern themselves with the response from voters.

King George would have been proud of the Obama administration. Our Founders would see this President in the same light as they did George and his Tory Governors who enforced the abusive measures that consistently came to the Colonies robbing the people of their rights as Obama robs us of ours. The difference is that Obama is much more subtle in his thievery than George was as he pretends to force this agenda claiming it is in the best interest of the country using every crisis available as the excuse to take away our liberties.

Shortly before leaving Boston as a delegate to the First Continental Congress, John Adams spoke at a gathering of Patriots who were meeting to express their grievances with the Crown. Adams spoke of the God given right of all men to have the freedom to choose how they live and he ended this masterful speech with these words, ” Liberty will reign in America!”

To Barack Obama and his socialist alliance with Congress, I say as Adams did so many years ago, “Liberty will reign in America.” We the people will not stand for the taking of our freedoms. We will not stand for the robbing of our unalienable rights of, “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

We will stand as our Founders did against the tyranny of King George to the tyranny of Barack Obama and prevent this destruction of our Republic at the hands of a government whose sole purpose in to gain control of our lives by sucking the life of liberty from our people. As our Declaration states we have the right to abolish any government which seeks this end and we will use the just authority we have as Americans through our Constitution to abolish Obama’s government as we take our Nation back from he and his socialist alliance with our vote and our stance for the liberties of all Americans.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth