Barack Obama, Tyranny In The Midst Of Chaos

Chaos reigns in The United States. The cause of this chaos is attributed to one man and the agenda which he continues to push ignoring the consequences and the will of the American people. I remember the havoc that was Jimmy Carter the confusion that was Bill Clinton but the total and utter chaos that is Barack Obama far exceeds the havoc and confusion of his two Democrat predecessors.

Never in my lifetime has a President created chaos as Barack Obama has in his short time in office. An oil spill with NO direction for clean up, constant legislation that confuses and mystifies even the pundits, seeking blanket amnesty for illegals, financial markets bouncing all over the board never knowing how to react to Obama’s latest financial meddling, rules of engagement on the battle field that cause a seasoned General to throw his hands in the air in disgust ending a brilliant career when a reporter wrote of that disgust.

On the foreign front, allies fear the confusion they see in The White House, enemies are testing the weakness that is all to evident, battle field foes praise the policy and strategy of the Commander in Chief since it gives them a distinct advantage, world leaders have no confidence in the occupant of the Oval Office.

As chaos reigns from The White House most wonder if Barack Obama really knows what he is doing and whether the responsibility of the Presidency is too much for the community organizer. While this is be true, I also believe that in the midst of his chaos we are seeing a plan that is being implemented which follows the ideology of tyranny for rebuilding America.

Every move that Obama has made whether in financial, “reform,” health care, the possibility of blanket amnesty for illegals, the idiotic rules of engagement on the battle field, even the failure that we see in the Gulf oil spill clean up, has a single minded direction which spells disaster for America. Obama’s chaos has a directed course which centralizes authority to the federal government and in many instances specifically the Executive Branch which allows greater control through government of every aspect of America life.

Even the total failure of the Gulf oil spill is being controlled specifically by the Obama White House which is why the disaster is a never ending cycle of chaos. Every attempt to handle the situation from even a state level is stopped due to some sort of federal problem that halts state operations. The berms in Louisiana were halted because of federal environmental regulation, barges extracting oil from the water were halted for inspection of life vests and fire extinguishers. This entire oil debacle is a government, (Obama), orchestrated failure showing the true tyrannical control that Obama has over this Nation at every turn.

All financial measures he has created through legislation centralizes control of financial markets and business to the federal government. Health care centralizes control of the industry to the federal government. The stimulus centralizes control through money allocated to the states of state and local programs. Even when federal money dries up the control of programs still rests with the federal government, paid for then by state funds.

The illegal immigration problem is being controlled by the Obama agenda. Arizona passed strong legislation which takes affect at the end of July, yet border security which is essential to make Arizona’s law work completely is controlled and stalled by Obama who is now considering an Executive Order granting blanket amnesty to illegal aliens.

So while chaos reigns at the Obama White House, his tyrannical control of America and the rebuilding process of our country in his image which he promised in his campaign continues uninterrupted through the chaos. One has to wonder if the chaos is intentional in order to create confusion which allows his plan of government tyranny to be completed while everyone focuses on the chaos.

When the chaos is at its height some new piece of legislation slips through Congress almost unnoticed by the public. The most recent case is the financial, “reform,” bill which passed committee but was lost in the chaos of the Gulf oil spill and the replacing of General McChrystal. Obama has become masterful at centralizing his power and that of the federal government in the midst of chaos that he has created.

Many see this chaos as a weakness of a poor leader. While this to a certain extent is true, could this chaotic governing by Obama be part of the plan in order to create the tyrannical and socialist America that he has wanted all along ? A plan that through chaos slides our Nation into tyranny and socialism right under the nose of even we who are in total opposition of everything he is doing.

Tyrants throughout history have used chaos to change the course of their countries. Chaos creates confusion, confusion creates misdirection and misdirection creates tyrants. Tyrants have historically used trouble whether manufactured or real as the catalyst to create the chaos necessary to force their control and centralize their power and authority.

This is the direction which we are moving under the chaotic control of Barack Obama. Power and authority is being centralized to the government and the Presidency. Chaos and confusion are his tools to shift control and create the tyrannical control that he sees as the reshaping of American life and society. There truly is tyranny in the midst of Obama’s chaos and our Nation is suffering from it and our future is in jeopardy because of it.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth