Oil, Oil, Everywhere, Now Watch Obama Sink

We are witnessing a disaster unprecedented in the history of our country. Never before have we seen a disaster whose magnitude and shear devastation caused such a massive impact on The United States and had such a tremendous affect on the people of this country as this disaster is having. A disaster that if not stopped will change the very fabric of our Nation. Oh, and there are also millions of gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

As we watch the oil flow from the break caused by the collapse of the Deep Water Horizon drilling platform and BP’s many failing efforts to cap the well and witness the oil wash on shore throughout the Gulf Coast region, the disaster that IS Barack Obama is revealing itself on almost a moment by moment basis as this inept President is showing the world just how out of his league he is and the total inability he has in handling the massive responsibility that the Presidency entails.

Those of us who warned of what we are witnessing knew this disaster who now plagues our Presidency and our Nation was a failure waiting to happen, but the slick packaging that he used during the campaign blinded the eyes of voters and Barack Obama was elected. Even as he created huge deficits by irresponsible spending, apologized for American greatness in speech after speech on foreign soil, took over American auto companies and signed legislation which takes over the health care industry, most American still could not see that Obama was a total disaster whose agenda and ineptness was destroying out country.

Then comes the Gulf oil spill and his abject failure to respond to the crisis until it became too late to prevent the devastation we are witnessing in and after responding he continued to drag his feet allowing a preventable disaster to become the worst environmental problem that our Nation have ever experienced with no end in sight. Even with the continued failing of capping the flow from the break on the oil line, measures could have prevented the spread of the oil from reaching our shores, but Obama refused to take action until it was too late.

He instead chose to play the political blame game and now even many of his ardent supporters finally understand the disaster that is Barack Obama. The New York Times because of the oil spill is beginning to criticize the once untouchable Barack. ABC and CBS have had scathing commentaries on his failure in the Gulf. Chris Matthews who once felt a tingle in his leg just from hearing Obama speak if angered at the lack of leadership and slow response by Obama.

Even Hollywood is showing doubts as ardent Obama supporter Spike Lee came out last week angered at Obama’s failings in the Gulf. The most telling defection from the Obamatrons though came from the liberals, liberal who also happens to be a resident of Louisiana the state hardest hit by the oil spill. Former Clinton advisor and Obama cheer leader James Carville lashed out at Obama’s, “political stupidity,” and, “hands of, ” approach to the Gulf oil spill.

While Governors and Gulf Coast residence are crying for necessary measures, equipment and personnel to begin cleaning up what should have been prevented from happening in the first place, Obama visited the region last Friday holding more meetings, more photo ops and promised the region that he would be , “right there with them, ” until this was over. Even after all of the justified criticism of his failure in this crisis, Obama still does not understand that the region does NOT want him but rather everything necessary to stem the tide of oil regardless of what it takes. So he continues to drag his feet and takes away even more jobs than those lost by the spill by stopping all Gulf drilling ignoring the pleas of every Governor in the region.

Obama is in way over his head and has been from the beginning of his Presidency and all of his chickens are coming to roost with the Gulf oil spill being the ultimate showing of just how badly he has failed in handling the Presidency. Iran has enough enriched uranium for two nuclear weapons. China snubs America while Israel is threatened on all fronts. Our economy is still spinning out of control and Obama’s reaction is to ignore the causes created by government and attack private business.

Illegal activities in the form of bribes of job offers to convince Democrats from running against Democrat incumbents who are in Obama’s pocket reveal his arrogance and his idea that since he is President he can do whatever he pleases regardless of legalities or the consequences caused. The entire Presidency is imploding with disastrous consequences for our Nation and Obama still thinks and acts like he is a rock star using the same rhetoric he has used since the campaign, vacationing at every opportunity and ignoring the anger and total disgust of the people including those who used to be supporters.

The affects of the Gulf oil spill could take years to clean up but eventually it will be gone even with the inept response by Obama. But the affects of his total inability to handle the tremendous responsibility of the Presidency will plague us for decades. Unless he is stopped by taking away his ability to pass whatever he wishes through a cooperative Congress his disastrous Presidency will continue to cause devastation for our country unchecked until 2012 when we can remove him from office by our vote. Everyday the implications of the November House and Senate races becomes more obvious and our battle to tie Obama’s hands and save our Republic takes on a greater urgency for the election of true conservative representation in Washington.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth