The Gulf Oil Spill, Obama's Solution, Punish The American People

After more than 40 days of total ineptness and passing the blame for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama has finally announce his three part solution to the problem in speeches that he has made over the last five days. His solution does not hasten creating sand berms along the Louisiana Coast in order to prevent the destruction of marsh land.

His solution does not hasten the release of the booms that are necessary to coral the spill and prevent it from spreading further. His solution does nothing to assist in capping the break left behind by the destruction of the Deep Water Horizon drilling platform. His solution doesn’t even help in the elimination of the massive oil slick that continues to spread around the Gulf threatening the Coast line of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

Obama’s solution is to punish THE AMERICAN PEOPLE through a series of three actions which will have an immediate effect on the pocket books of every American. Here are Obama’s three solutions:

1. Stopping all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico until he can be guaranteed that there will NEVER be another oil spill as a result of drilling on the sea floor.

2. Adding a 32 cent per barrel tax to create a fund which will supposedly cover the cost of any future spills.

3. Eliminating all tax breaks for not only BP but every oil company as a, “punishment,” for the oil spill.

So how exactly does Obama’s three step solution punish the American people? Simple every one of these actions will cause the price of a gallon of gas to rise which will directly affect the pocket books of all Americans even if they do not drive since rising gas prices creates a rising cost of consumer goods as the additional cost of transportation is passed on to the consumer.

Democrats have NEVER understood that business does not pay any tax. They may receive the tax bill and write the checks to the government but whenever taxes are raised or lowered the additional tax increase or decrease is passed on through the product or service provided by the business and as a result to the consumer.

The 32 cent tax per barrel, which contains about 40 gallons of gas will be passed on to the pump as an almost 1 cent rise in price per gallon. Eliminating tax breaks already in place for all oil companies will cause an increase in the cost of gas production and as a result will cause gas prices to rise to counter the increase in taxes as the tax breaks are eliminated by Obama.

Finally stopping all drilling in the Gulf will increase our demand for foreign sources of oil and NOT cause the Nation to ,”embrace,” alternative sources of energy as Obama claims. As a result the demand from foreign oil producers will force the price of a barrel of oil to rise and, you guessed it, the price at the pump will rise in response and we the people will pay the price.

During the campaign Obama stated that the United States was well behind Europe in the price we pay at the pump for gas and he thought it unfair that we pay less than his European buddies. In fact when the price of gas was skyrocketing above 4 dollars a gallon, Obama was not bothered by the price but ONLY that it rose so quickly. If his solutions to the Gulf oil spill are fully implemented, he will get his wish as Americans will pay similar prices at the pump as Obama’s cherished European friends. So much for protecting and caring for the American people.

Ken Taylor  The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth