Sestak Bribe Controversy Long From Over

The long Memorial Day weekend is over. During a holiday weekend the news cycle is almost non-existent and that held true for this weekend as well. Hoping that the long weekend would quiet the building calls for an investigation into the bribe that was made to Representative Joe Sestak by the Obama administration to not run for the Pennsylvania Democrat nomination for the Senate seat currently held by Benedict Arlen Specter, the,”official,” story was released by the White House on Friday.

According to the White House former President Bill Clinton was asked to offer Sestak a low level non paid advisory position in the administration if he would not run for the Senate seat and remain in the House. Why would a retired Admiral and sitting Congressman seeking a prestigious Senate seat even consider a low level unpaid advisory position as a reward for NOT running against Specter?

Regardless of whether the offer was unpaid or not, although I fully believe that it was far more than an unpaid, “advisory,” position, the fact that a bribe was offered for political reasons even supposedly coming from a third party, (Clinton), there has been a clear violation of the law and since this position is part of the Obama administration, it was done with the full knowledge of Barack Obama and denying these facts only makes the matter worse.

If this had been a Republican administration, not only would a special investigator already be in place, but charges and names of those involved would be appearing and the actual position offered in the bribe. But Congress is silent except for a few GOP Congressman who have called for a special prosecutor.

Releasing the, “official,” statement on Friday in order to allow a holiday weekend to quiet the problem is not going to work. For the short term in may temporarily quiet some but over the long term more information will come out and the truth will slowly reveal itself. Watergate proves this fact. When the initial story of Watergate broke it was only a side item which did not get much coverage, but as time went by and the cover up grew it became a nightmare for Nixon and the country.

The pressure for Sestak to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth will mount as we get closer to the November election cycle. His GOP opponent Pat Toomey who is virtually tied in polling will make this a center piece of his campaign causing Sestak to answer the people of Pennsylvania in order to have any hope of election. As the campaign heats up and more of this story is revealed the illegal activities of Obama and his staff will come to light and the cover up already started will begin to crack just as it did in Watergate.

So although the cover up started before a long holiday weekend, this story is long from over and the truth will come out. As it does, especially with the totally inept Robert Gibbs standing before a hungry press growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of answer to reporters question, the investigation into this bribe will escalate and before it is over we may see it bring calls for impeachment especially after the House and Senate change in the November election.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth