Illegal Immigration May Finally Be Obama's Waterloo

Back when the Obamacare debate was in high gear, South Carolina’s Junior Senator, Jim DeMint, (who frankly is our only real Senator since many of us in SC are disgusted with Lindsay Graham), suggested that if Obamacare was passed that it would be Obama’s Waterloo. A reference to the epic battle between Napoleon and Wellington in which Napoleon’s arrogance led him into a massive defeat by the British commander.

Obamacare may yet prove to be that for Obama since we have still to see the full results of this election year. So far Obama is not faring well in elections. The voting results are not all connected ONLY to health care but Obama’s entire agenda which suggests that Obamacare is not the Waterloo that DeMint predicted in and of itself.

There is another issue though that may well be the Waterloo experience for Obama that DeMint predicted with health care and that is illegal immigration. Obama and Democrats had wanted to put this hot bed issue somewhat on the back burner during this election year but the passage and signing into law of the Arizona immigration bill has not only placed it on the front burner but it has become the issue of precedence in both the media and politics.

From the moment that Governor Jan Brewer signed this necessary and excellent bill into law, the failings of the federal government in protecting our borders and the arrogance and total ignorance of Obama and his underlings has shown the utter contempt that this administration and its leader have for our country and the American people.

Unlike health care which spurred much heated debate and protest but is an issue that only came to light as the hot button it became due to Obama’s push to get his unconstitutional bill passed, illegal immigration is an issue that has been at the forefront before and after the failure of the amnesty debacle during the Bush years, the issue has been smoldering waiting for something new to ignite it and the Arizona law became that ignition.

This issue also crosses party politics in a way that no other issue does. Most issues even health care are extremely partisan but illegal immigration as proven by the anger which flamed during the amnesty debate a few years back fades away party line with the electorate as no other issue does. Politicians for the most part follow partisan lines in the approach and or, “solution,” for illegal immigration but the electorate has a great deal of solidarity toward border security and the millions of illegals in this country. The electorate as a whole want a fence, tough border enforcement and aliens deported.

With Obama at the helm this hot button issue has taken on a new faze which increases the anger of the American people in a way that the amnesty push under Bush never did, especially since after that voice of the people was spoken during the Bush debacle many in DC understood what the people wanted, dropped amnesty and focused more on border security which temporarily took illegal immigration of the front burner.

Of course we all know that the border security measures failed because of lack of complete implementation and a general lack of interest in doing anything on the part of Congress. Which is what forced Arizona to pass their immigration bill which allows the state to enforce federal law that already exists since the feds refuse to do so.

Polls overwhelmingly show support by the citizens of Arizona and and equally strong support throughout the rest of the Nation to Arizona’s law and Governor Brewer who has stood steadfast against the political onslaught buy Obama, his underlings and the liberal media. Most polling has support for the law in the upper seventies and low eighties, numbers which are almost unheard of in polling over most hot bed issues like health care which are considered to have strong support or opposition with polling in the upper fifties and low sixties.

But the real Waterloo trouble that could take its toll on Obama and his administration is the response by Obama and his underlings. Obama, AG Eric Holder and DHS Secretary Janet Napalitano have condemned the bill on legal grounds without admittedly having read the bill or having ANY first hand knowledge of its content. Their response by their own admission is based on false media accounts and hear say evidence which does not match the true content of the bill and the way in which it will be enforced in Arizona.

Adding to their arrogance especially Obama’s was the spectacle of the State visit from Mexican President Filipe Calderon who openly condemned the Arizona law with total agreement and equal condemnation by Obama during a press conference. Followed by allowing this foreign leader to stand before our Congress while hypocritically and arrogantly lecturing about our laws to a standing ovation by Democrats, Holder and Napalitano.

Americans love legal immigration and embrace those who legally come to our land seeking a better way of life for themselves and their families. What we do not want and will not stand for is the breaking of our laws in order to enter our country and especially those who use this influx of illegally entering from our Southern border as a way of bringing drug trafficking and violent criminal activity from a country who has failed to protect its people and destroyed their economy causing the aliens to illegal pass our borders in the first place.

Obama has chosen to embrace the arrogance of Calderon with an equal arrogance, side AGAINST the American people and wage a legal war with the State of Arizona over illegal immigration. He wraps his arms around those who criminally enter our country while turning his back on our Nation and our people in order to cater to a possible political voters block who he can buy with government programs insuring their backing of Democrat candidates.

Obama ignored the people over health care but with illegal immigration he not only ignores us but holds us in contempt and demonizes existing laws and pokes fun at a State, its people and those in whom that State have placed their trust for law enforcement and protection from criminal activity that is rampaging their home.

Is illegal immigration Obama’s true Waterloo ? On this issue he is showing the same contempt and arrogance as Napoleon had toward Wellington and the British military he commanded. Obama is taking a firm stand against federal and state law, the anger and disgust of the American people, blaming our Nation for Mexico’s troubles while siding with Mexico against the country he took a Constitutional Oath to defend. And he calls we who oppose illegal immigration unamerican ? If he wants to see unamerican he need look no further than his mirror.

Ken Taylor The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth